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Author:  mozzerb [ Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Passed by British Philatelic Association


The recent pieces in the Newsletter on the subject of the wartime Philatelic Import and Export Control sparked my interest, as the stamp trade during and immediately after the war is one of my "collections within a collection" (of "Philatelic Mail"). I'd been meaning to try to assemble a PDF on the subject, but in the meantime am putting together a listing for the Newsletter giving dates of use etc.

I've put together a spreadsheet of about a hundred examples between 1940 and 1953, but unfortunately there is some clustering of dates, and there are annoyingly large gaps in my record around some of the changes -- so information to narrow things down would be greatly appreciated.

Basically, if you have covers with any of the cachets shown here, I'd like to see scans of them! (Or if that's not possible, a note of which cachet they have, the consignment number and date, and the signature if it's anything other than W.G.Worsell.) You can contact me at

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