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Insurance of stamp collections
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Author:  Seahorse [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  Insurance of stamp collections

Yesterday I received a reminder that the annual premium re my stamp and cover collection is due shortly.

True to form, just like one's household insurance and car insurance, there is an above-inflation increase in premium "due to increased costs"

Hmmm, I have just demonstrated over the last year, an ability to keep my collection safe from fire, flood and foxing, safe from burglars, bookworms and blobs of ink, so surely I am now a lesser risk than I was a year ago, as a new and unknown customer - whatever happened to "no-claims bonus" ?

I shall make the standard response - ie investigate alternative cover from other reputable insurers.........

......but hang on, who ARE these other reputable insurers ?

I was advised, by a well-known dealer. years ago, to seek a specialist insurer, rather than rely on my household insurance. In addition the insurer should have a good history of settling bona-fide claims without quibble.

Collectively, our members should have a good idea of who these paragons of the insurance industry might be. Any suggestions ?

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