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Unusual wax seal on old letter 1821
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Author:  earsathome [ Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Unusual wax seal on old letter 1821

Hi All,

We are writing up a small collection of letters dated from 1794-1840 all concerned with the family of Viscount Sydney, and one of them has this amazing seal - most of the sealed letters we have show the initials, or family crests, or words like “The Grim Reaper” but this one is completely intriguing.

The letter was written in April 1821, by J.C. Lockwood, the Vicar of Croydon, to the 2nd Viscount concerning the death of the viscount’s Aunt Mary Townshend.

This is such a complicated image to have been ‘engraved’ or whatever, on a signet ring – does it represent anything to anyone on the list? Does anyone recognise it?

To us it looks like two men on the left, some kind of block in the middle, then two ladies on the right, with a child beside the last lady. BUT they appear to be unclothed, which does not seem appropriate for a vicar - could it perhaps represent some kind of baptism? But surely not naked??

It has been suggested that the nudity is symbolizing purity and innocence.

Just in case anyone suggests it, we are NOT going to write this up under the heading “The Naked Vicar Show”

Regards to all

Ron and Eunice

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