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Redirection of reduced-rate printed papers
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Author:  norvic [ Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Redirection of reduced-rate printed papers

I have a distant recollection that if a private redirection of an item sent by a printed paper reduced rate took place, then fresh postage should have been applied.

That is my easy answer to the conundrum presented by the cover pictured.

Posted in September 1940, 1d was paid which is the rate for 2 ounces of printed papers.

The letter rate was 2½d , and non-payment would indicate 5d due.

The item (contents unknown) was endorsed 'Liable to Letter Rate/373' and "5d to pay: in manuscript. 373 is the number of Harrow (Harrow Weald's own number had gone by this time.).

Am I correct in my assumptions?

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Author:  mozzerb [ Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Redirection of reduced-rate printed papers

According to my PO Guide for August 1940, members of the public could redirect "Letters, postcards, printed papers, samples, and newspapers" without additional charge, as long as it was done "not later than the day after delivery". Since this was first posted on the 25th and the postage dues were cancelled on the 30th, I'd guess it fell foul of the delay rule.

Mind you, it also said that such delayed packets were charged the prepaid rate, which I hadn't realised. Packets that appeared to have been opened or tampered with were charged as unpaid.

As for why it was charged as an unpaid letter not printed papers, does it look as if it's been sealed? The redirecter must have "helpfully" stuck the flap down, or added a letter, or done something else that disqualified it as printed papers.

Your distant recollection might be of the return to sender charge for printed papers etc? -- 1940 PO Guide said basically anything paid at least as much as the basic letter rate (whatever kind of item it was) was returned free if necessary, anything paid less (so most printed papers, postcards etc) was charged the same as the original postage.

Author:  norvic [ Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Redirection of reduced-rate printed papers

Thank you mozzerb. I'm sure I have a 1939 POG somewhere but I may have leant it to somebody, sometime. Goodbye to that then!

I hadn't checked for it being sealed but it is actually an ungummed insert flap, so couldn't be sealed. It has a postmark on the reverse for 28 September, which is applied consistent with the flap being tucked in.

25th (date of posting) was Wednesday so despite the reduced rate it ought to have arrived on Thursday 26th, but possibly not until 27th, (even though it was from Harrods!).

It was reposted on Saturday 28th, and postage dues applied on Monday 30th.

It is possible that the wrong handstamp was applied, and that it should not have been 'Liable to Letter Rate'. If a 'delayed packet was charged at the prepaid rate' then it should have been either another 1d or double this, depending on interpretation of that phrase.

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