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Request for help on 'LONDON PAID' marking.
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Author:  earsathome [ Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Request for help on 'LONDON PAID' marking.

Hello all,

We have received a query which we are unable to answer, despite browsing through all our Postal History catalogues/resources.
Perhaps someone can help out with the answer.

This the query.


I’m doing some research on period of usage of below “LONDON PAID ”, like the one on the enclosed cover to Canada
I’m not really able to find any information here, nor online, nor catalogue for this cancel.
I’m sure there is anyhow a publication with first known dates of usage (here you may be able to kindly help me).
Seems to me however, having found many internet images, that it seems there has been a cut off time between the two cancel types below, somewhere around mid-1865. <<< July / Aug 1865 >>
Or said otherwise, it doesn’t seem to me to have seen (yet) the “LONDON / PAID” cancel used after 1865, and no “LONDON PAID ” before August 1865
I therefore hope you can help me on some references for this cancellations period of usage.


Ron and Eunice

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