Great Britain Displays

The pages in this section link to scans of displays on various subjects of Great Britain philately, which have been submitted as a resource for members of the GBPS. The introduction page for each display may be read by anyone, but to view the displays themselves you must be logged in. The page images themselves are resized to fit approximately into the height of the average screen, but if you click on one of them it will open the full size image, whatever size that may be.

A letter "w" or "d" after the number of sheets indicates that the display is on "wide" or "double" size aheets respectively (although some displays on normal size sheets may include the occasional double width or larger sheet too). There may be additional "displays" in a single file from time to time -- these will be shown with an icon giving the file format, typically Word doc or PDF.

The examples here obviously represent only a small selection of possible material; further scanned displays are actively solicited. Please see the 'how to' page or contact the for further details.

Copyright for these displays is retained by the original owners.

Postage Stamps

Title of display Pages Provided by
Evolution of British Stamp Perforation 1840 to 1880 80 Ray Simpson
High Values - Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II 215 Max Melrose
King George V Downey Head Selected Sheets from a Plating Study 12 w Mike Jackson
An Introduction to the Silver Jubilee Stamp Booklets of 1935 16 Harvey Russell
Wilding Castles 128 Peter Shaw
'Britain's Marvelous Machins' 160 Steve McGill
The Decimal Castle High Values 1988-1999 96 Peter Shaw
A Comparison between the Stamps of two Crown Peculiars Robin Tibbenham

Postal History

Title of display Pages Provided by
Overseas Registration pre-1841 16 Maurice Buxton
The Maltese Cross 80 Howard Hughes
Cancellation of the Imperforate Line Engraved Issues (18401854) 80 Chris Jones
Field Post Offices of the British Expeditionary Force 1939-40 80 Ingo Egerlandt
Post Office Express Delivery Inland Mail from 1891 96 Austin Davis
Royal Mail Special Delivery from 1971 32 Austin Davis
The 1971 Postal Strike 64 Maurice Buxton
'On the Cards' 16 anon

Other Subjects

Title of display Pages Provided by
The Mulready and its Advertisements 16 Tom Slemons
King George VI Stamped to Order Postal Stationery 32 d Maurice Buxton
Protective Overprints and Underprints 180 Andy Donaldson
British Revenue Stamps 1671-1853 96 w Chris Harman
Embossed Adhesive Revenue Stamps Overprinted "Inland Revenue" 1860-74 12 w Chris Harman
The Story of Advertising Through the Post 192 Colin Baker
A Jubilee Reminiscence 25 John Davies
'Passed by British Philatelic Association' 48 Maurice Buxton
The Post Office Savings Bank 27 anon