Information Sheets from The Postal Museum

Selected general information sheets originally issued in the 1980s by the Post Office Archives (as The Postal Museum was then known) and reproduced with permission.

Pillar Boxes
[9pp, 4.6Mb, 1988]
Info Sheet 1

Post Office Cats
[5pp, 3.3Mb, 1988]
Info Sheet 4

Postal Uniforms
[9pp, 4.9Mb, 1988]
Info Sheet 6

Mail Coach Service
[16pp, 7.8Mb, 1989]
Info Sheet 8

Postal Headquarters
[7pp, 4.6Mb, 1988]
Info Sheet 9

St Valentines Day
[4pp, 3.4Mb, 1986]
Info Sheet 15

Post Office 1635-1969
[5pp, 2,9Mb, 1984]
Info Sheet 16

Railways and the Post
[10pp, 8.6Mb, 1988]
Info Sheet 26

Postal Districts
[2pp, 1.0Mb, 1988]
Info Sheet 31