"The Plating of the Penny 1840-1864"
by Harold Fisher & Roland Brown

published by
The Great Britain Philatelic Society

This set of pages accesses an Index to the marvellous work by Mr. Harold W. Fisher, based on the measurement system devised by Roland Brown.

Concept and original programming by
John A. McCulloch

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Data updated 27th February 2019

Plate 33 - Numbers 1 & 12 in MX


This Index is taken from a searchable, full information database which I created while Mr. Harold Fisher was alive, and with his permission. It contains an encoded version of all the relevant positional data for the five volumes of the The Plating of the Penny 1840-1864.

Because of the written agreement between Mr. Brown, Mr. Fisher, the publishers, and myself, no copies of the original programmed database are available - Sorry! [JAMc]

No actual book data is available on these pages, only a search for possible matching plates.

The Brown/Fisher books, although well out of print, may occasionally be found at auction. Most of the markings that can help separate the plates are also found in the Statham "Essential Guide".


Recent acquisitions by members of the Missing Imprimatur Group on Yahoo are leading to filling in some of the missing measurements. The measurements given are classed as 'provisional', in that they come from three or more issued impressions and thus may vary slightly from the imprimatur due to under/over inking or wear.

These 'provisionals' and corrections to the original data will have the Plate Number in the returned list marked with an asterisk. Those added data coming from less than three copies will have a tilde.

The listings returned include any exact matches, the matches for the range you have selected and a list of those plates for which there is no data. For ease of working, you may 'print' the results. That will open a pop-up window with all the information for the example and may then be copied and pasted into any text editor.

ONLY if you have considered all possible returned matches out to +/-4 should you begin to consider the example as a possible "Missing Imprimatur".
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14th January, 2014