Surnames: A

Abela, R. KEVII 1d perf. 15 x 14 -- earliest date [N] 34(5)100

Abela, Raymond QV 3d Jubilee on Orange Paper - Date of Issue [S] 38(2)24

Using the Fisher-Brown Plating Gauge with a Computer [L] 40(2)26

Adnams, E. J. 1863 4d - Plate 4 [N] 23(5)78

SG 160 Plate Scratch [N] 22(2)25

Aggersberg, D. J. Reply to a Critical Review [M] 27(1)8

Alan Ltd, B. Redrawn Emblems on Country Stamps [N] 25(3)60

Alexander, Crawford Latto, Dr Douglas [M] 38(3)60

Alexander, Dr Jean 'Budget' and 'County' Letter Cards [M] 30(3)56

1926 2d Broken Frame [N] 21(1)13

1d PUC varieties [N] 26(5)98

A Very 'Private' Postcard or an Early Letter Card? [S] 21(4)53

Advertising in sheet margins [S] 31(5)97

Booklet Cover Design - Mow Cop Castle [M] 34(1)13

British Stamp Booklets: Front Cover Advertising [M] 35(3)41

Leonard F. Newbery [S] 29(5)81

Penny Lilac bisects [N] 30(2)31

Stamp Booklets - Local Editions [M] 24(3)45

Alexander, Jean 1929 Postage Due Controls [L] 39(3)45

Mrs Georgina Elizabeth Kermode [L] 43(3)52

Scottish Stamp Packs [M] 44(2)39

The Wembley Sideways Roll [L] 48(1)18

Alexander, W. H. C. 4d Surface Printed Variety [N] 21(1)13

Early Days of the Postal Service [R] 25(3)51

SG Elizabethan Catalogue, 20th edn, 1984 [R] 22(3)48

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 2 [R] 22(3)48

Allan, Frank V. KGV broken pins [N] 28(3)63

King George V Shades [S] 39(1)15

Allum, Rowland G. Neal's Steam Press experiment [N] 27(5)97

Neale's Steam Press Experiment [N] 27(3)59

Amor, Nick 9d Straw Plate 4 First Day Cover [M] 50(2)41

Archer, M. Scott The Numeral '116' Cancellation [S] 25(1)18

Armstrong Dick & Snelson Ken, Returned Letter Wrappers [L] 47(5)115

Armstrong, Dick Returned Letter Wrappers [L] 44(5)116

Armstrong, Dick & Ken SNELSON Returned Letter Wrappers [L] 45(3)66

Arundel, Richard Liverpool spoon cancellations [N] 27(4)74

Astley, Michael Government Parcels Essays [M] 22(2)30

More about the Edward Ninepenny [M] 22(1)9

One Shilling Green and Carmine of 1900 with inverted GOVT. PARCELS [M] 43(3)64

Problems with the 6d IR Official. Can you help? [M] 48(1)12

Vetting GB Officials [M] 43(3)61

Atkinson, R. S. 1841 1d Plate 25 [N] 22(5)69

London Postmark [N] 21(3)39