Surnames: E

Earl, W. C. 1d black on 1 May 1840 cover [S] 29(2)24

Eden, R. V. 1841 2d Blue, Plate 3, NE [N] 30(2)35

1841 2d Plate 3 - Retouching of the Check Letter E [M] 31(3)58

KEVII 3d offset variety [N] 29(4)77

Wilding 6d bisect [N] 30(1)19

Edgar, W. A. Late Use of the Maltese Cross [S] 1(2)21

Edwards, A. G. A Letter to Grace Darling [S] 20(1)9

Edwards, Dennis First United Kingdom Aerial Post 1911 [S] 31(2)29

Elkins, P. J. Isle of Wight Missent Mail [S] 16(5)102

Escott, David B. Perforation Fingerprints Part 1 [L] 48(3)76

Perforation Fingerprints Part 2 [L] 48(4)96

Perforation Fingerprints Part 3 [L] 48(4)99

Perforation Fingerprints Part 4 [L] 48(5)118

Perforation Fingerprints Part 5 [L] 48(6)131

Perforation Fingerprints Part 6 [L] 49(1)6

Prince Consort Essay Perforation Fingerprints [L] 55(3)49

Redefining Archer Stamps [L] 52(4)77

Serpentine Roulette Fingerprints [L] 54(6)130

Stamps Rouletted by Henry Archer's First Machine [L] 56(2)42

Stamps with Wing Margins [M] 49(5)117

The Use of Perforation Gauge 16 in 1857-58 [L] 53(6)124

'Is this a Genuine Perforation Error?' [M] 50(3)59

Espin, W. L. London Inland Office Cancellations [S] 5(9)140

Evans, D. F. De La Rue Castles 2s 6d Offset [M] 35(2)34

Evans, Martin I. R. Taylor Letter Sheet [S] 36(5)90

Postal stationery card variety [S] 36(1)17

'Not Addressed' (2) [M] 46(2)34