Surnames: F

Fairhurst, Martin Downey Head 1d Die 1b variety [N] 29(4)78

KGV Royal Cypher halfpenny variety [N] 27(2)36

PUC twopence-halfpenny variety [N] 29(1)18

Royal Cypher 1d variety [N] 29(1)19

Royal Cypher 1d frame break [N] 29(4)79

Fawcett, Mrs Henry Employment of Women in the Post Office [M] 33(6)112

Feldman, Hugh V. London Post Receivers [S] 30(2)29

Fenning, James 1d stamp SG Plate 197 [C] 28(4)80

Ffooks, Oliver O. 1883 Dull Green - the 'HO' Forgeries [S] 27(2)35

1884 Colour Trials Without Corner Letters [M] 33(4)69

Lilac and Green Issue 1884-1886, Coloured Paper Trials [L] 33(2)21

Finch, Tony Availability of 1d blacks [S] 29(2)25

Curious 'used' stamps [S] 36(1)15

Post Office Telegraphs: Earliest Known Dates [L] 49(6)130

Rarity of certain Line-Engraved plates [S] 30(2)35

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 4 [R] 27(3)59

Silk Stamps [N] 32(2)39

The Rare Plate 53 [N] 33(4)75

Who paid the deficiency? [N] 31(5)96

Fisher, Harold W. The GB Line-Engraved Issues of the Victorian Era [R] 21(3)40

The Plating of the Penny, Volume 2 [N] 24(2)19

The Plating of the Penny 1840-1864 [A] 23(1)16

The Plating of the Penny, 1840-1864, Vol. 2 [A] 23(2)28

Fisher, Tony 1841 1d Plate 9 [M] 51(1)12

Flamank, R. A. KEVII One Penny - Plug Flaw Type E [S] 23(6)83

Fletcher, Bill Validity of Overprinted Great Britain Stamps [L] 41(1)8

Folkard, Robert G. A 1d Die 2lphabet 3, Plate 53 [S] 34(2)40

Flaw on Twopence Plate 4 perforated [S] 30(1)20

QV - Line-Engraved Study Circle Notes [S] 21(4)51

The 1852-4 One Penny Die I. Plates 155-176 - The 'Unhardened' Plates [L] 30(1)10

The Essential Guide to the Great Britain Line Engraved 1d and 2d Stars [R] 34(2)29

Forbes-Nixon, John 'Stitched Up!' [S] 47(2)30

'WITHIN WEIGHT' Handstamp [S] 37(5)98

1881 Boat Race [M] 50(3)57

A Premature Postcard [S] 29(1)15

A Remarkable Coincidence [S] 40(1)17

A Two-Faced Cover! [S] 48(5)128

A Very Special Archer Cover [M] 47(4)96

A new Find [M] 47(6)121

American Civil War -- Service Suspended [M] 25(5)98

Charge Marks [M] 25(2)25

Counterfeit Coin [S] 46(3)68

Cover of Character [S] 38(1)5

Education, Education, Education! [S] 45(6)121

End of the Maltese Cross Obliterator [M] 41(5)104

First Day Covers of the 2d Rosy Mauve, 1 July 1875 [M] 49(6)138

HMS Atalanta and the 'Bermuda Triangle' [M] 44(6)139

Haste Post Haste [N] 26(1)20

Irritated Irish Postal Clerk - 31 May 1840 [M] 49(5)119

Not Addressed [M] 46(1)1

Postage Due Marks [N] 21(5)62

Postcards bought before the First Day of Use [M] 42(6)130

Registered Postcard [M] 52(1)24

Registered Printed Matter [S] 52(5)101

Royal Puzzle [M] 33(2)37

Stoneham Catalogue of British Stamps 1840-1985, 8th edn [R] 23(6)92

The First Postal Label of 1840? [M] 50(4)84

The One That Got Away! [S] 45(1)5

The Rare 1854 'ONE PEENNY' Red [S] 49(1)22

Unusual London District Office Cancellations [M] 46(6)142

Whoops! [S] 48(1)5

Forbes-Smith, D. SG 162 - Frame Break [N] 21(5)63

Frajola, Richard An 1840 Freight Money Usage [M] 43(2)28

Fryer, Gavin The Production and Use of the KGVI Dulac Adhesives [L] 45(3)56