Surnames: G

Galland, Bob 'Not Addressed' (1) [M] 46(2)32

Die Proofs of December 1866 [M] 35(3)43

Diplomatic Bag Labels [M] 49(5)114

Lilac and Green Die Proofs: Vertical or Horizontal Format? [M] 37(5)94

Not Addressed [M] 47(3)61

QV Surface Printed (1855-83): Plate and Current Number Proofs [M] 34(5)89

QV Surface Printed 1855-83: A Check-list of Coloured Die Proofs [L] 37(2)21

QV Surface Printed 1855-83: Matched Die and Striking Book Proofs [L] 33(3)56

QV Surface Printed Die Proofs 1855-83: Vertical or Horizontal Format? [L] 33(5)88

QV Surface Printed Die Proofs with Pencilled Numbers [M] 32(4)70

QV Surface Printed Die Proofs: 'Old', 'New' and Associated Designs [L] 34(3)49

Rare Surface Printed Stamps on Cover: The LH-FL Error [M] 43(2)46

Returned Letter Wrappers [L] 47(5)115

Returned Unaddressed Letters [L] 51(4)74

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 1, 16th edn, 2011 [R] 51(1)10

Surface Printed 2s Brown on Cover [L] 38(5)88

Surface Printed First Day Covers [M] 50(1)8

Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-1883, Corrections and Additions [L] 50(4)86

The 'L4' Late Fee Mark [M] 46(6)135

The 1s Plate 5 and 6 Anomaly [L] 50(3)49

The Truro Crown Cancellation [M] 46(6)139

Garnsey, John Shades [S] 42(5)97

The Cambridge Blue Seahorse [M] 42(1)24

Gati, George Earliest 1840 Twopenny Blue Block used on Cover [M] 39(4)72

Gee, Fred Oxford College Stamps - in the 1970s! [M] 51(3)68

Gessler, Henry Chelmsford Distinctive Cross? [S] 25(3)59

Gibbons-Partridge, J. Line-Engraved Colours and the 'Penny Blue' [M] 32(4)78

Gilbert, Alan M. 'We all make mistakes' [S] 30(1)7

15 September 1990 - the opening meeting [S] 29(1)12

17 March 1990 [M] 28(4)87

1935 Silver Jubilee [M] 24(4)60

Alan Huggins, MBE [S] 34(2)21

Booklet Issues - KGV to QEII [S] 29(3)56

Booklets and Stamps of KGVI and QEII [S] 27(3)45

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875 [R] 31(4)80

British Occupation of Former Italian Colonies [R] 26(4)64

Collect British Postmarks, 5th edn [R] 28(3)75

Display 18 November 1989 [S] 28(1)2

Do You Know Your British Stamps? [R] 32(1)15

Early Line-Engraved [S] 30(1)7

From Our New President [S] 30(3)41

Penny Lilac - the Inverted X [M] 33(4)70

Perkins, Bacon Revenues of Great Britain and Ireland [S] 30(2)28

Postage Dues [S] 27(3)46

Postal History -- 16 March 1988 [S] 26(4)79

President's Display [L] 31(4)67

Proofs and Stamps of King Edward VII [S] 29(3)56

Provincial Meeting in Birmingham -- 21 March 1987 [S] 25(4)61

Purphilex 92 [S] 30(3)51

Sherborne -- A Postal History [R] 26(2)39

The Harry Dagnall 'Thank You' Award [N] 30(3)54

The Penny Lilac Bisected [M] 32(1)18

The President's Display [S] 29(1)14

The Surface Printed Issues [S] 29(3)56

United Kingdom to Europe [S] 30(1)7

Usages of the Surface Printed issues [S] 29(3)56

Valuables by Post [S] 27(2)34

Good, Ernest The Centenary of the Queen Victoria 'Jubilee' Issue [M] 25(2)21

Goodman, Andrew Penny Red Stars, Part 2 - KA to TL [R] 35(1)17

Gould, Dr M. H. 'Sit-in Strike' [N] 21(3)39

British Naval Post and Censor Marks of the First World War [L] 21(6)84

Double-Ring Datestamps with Star [M] 30(2)38

Irish Redirected Cover - Route Taken [C] 40(1)14

Gowland, J. S. KGV Photogravure 1d booklet stamp variety [N] 34(5)100

Gowland, John Barred numeral used in 1937 [S] 43(6)137

KGVI 3d Control 'Ghost' [S] 43(1)12

Multipositives for the KGV Photogravure d and 1d [S] 42(6)135

Perforation of the Early Photogravure Low Value Stamps [L] 47(1)4

Type 2 Perforator Development [M] 48(6)139

Grafton, Bob The 'H' Flaw on Penny Red Imperf., Plate 79 [S] 36(1)18

Grafton, Robert 'GPO'-Rated Barred Numeral Cancels on the 1841 1d [M] 46(3)57

Graham, Conrad The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain [R] 42(5)116

Graham, Dr Conrad British Government Telegraph Stamps 1876-1881 Nos Issued & Cat. Vals [L] 40(2)32

Graham, M. A. M. Postal Cover to Major-General F. S. Russell, CMG [M] 27(1)10

Griffin, Peter 1898 Request for Plate 77 [S] 48(4)91

Griffin, Peter G. 1841 2d Plate 4 - 'C-over-D' [S] 30(2)27

1887 5d Die 1 [S] 30(2)35

1929 PUC d value [S] 29(5)96

1d Die 1, Plate 164, KG [S] 41(2)23

Distinctive Maltese Crosses [N] 29(4)67

PUC Varieties [S] 28(3)64

The 1 Green SG 212 stamp JD [N] 30(2)31

Wembley 1d 'roulette' [S] 29(2)27

Wembley coil stamps [N] 29(5)97

Griffiths, B. The Invalidation or Demonitisation of Postage Stamps [S] 40(3)52

Griffiths, John O. London Ship Letter [S] 27(2)37

Grimson, D. 1d Lilac Varieties [N] 21(1)13

Grimwood-Taylor, James A 'Coat of Arms' Cachet [S] 22(4)61

A Second 'Duke of Wellington 1847 Postcard' [M] 43(3)49

Duke of Wellington 1847 Postcard [M] 36(5)81

Fletcher Collection at the British Library [M] 28(1)8

Overseas Letter Forwarded with a 1d Black [M] 43(3)56

Palmerston Diplomatic Bag Label and Caricature [M] 49(5)113

Penny Black Flaw [N] 33(1)18

Postal History of the British Archipelago [L] 24(4)50

The 'Unique' Raines and Porter 1d Red Postal Fiscal Envelope [M] 36(6)102

The Chichester Road 'Hot Cross Bun' and '1 in Circle' Marks 1681-87 [L] 38(4)62