Surnames: H

H & B Philatelists Ltd, 1855 2d blue partially imperf. [N] 29(2)39

1864 'C88' cancellation [N] 28(1)16

Downey Head halfpenny Die 1b - frame break [N] 28(4)80

William Morgan imperf. [N] 27(2)36

Hacket, Alastair Forth Road Bridge GPO FDC: Emergency Printing [M] 46(2)39

Hanson, Colin The 'L4' Late Fee Mark [M] 44(2)38

Hanson, Jim Downey caricature [N] 30(5)98

Hanson, R. S. 1841 Plate 64 Stamp CK [S] 38(4)78

Harding, John Postally Used Surface Printed Imprimaturs? [S] 40(3)48

The Line-Engraved Halfpenny [R] 43(2)31

The Post Office and the Colleges [R] 43(2)33

Harman, Chris Great Britain 5s & 10s Seahorses [S] 45(6)142

Harman, Christopher G. Circular Delivery Companies: Their Stamps and Forgeries [L] 22(2)18

De La Rue Proofs for the 1867 Paris and 1871 London Exhibitions [M] 21(4)42

Dr Robert Champion [M] 43(1)4

Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society: How it Operates [L] 38(3)43

Forged Departmental Official overprints [N] 31(4)64

GBPS meeting at Stamp World London 90 [S] 28(4)88

King Edward VII 1d 'Blood Red' shade [N] 33(4)72

King George V Shades [M] 39(1)12

Provincial Meeting at Bournemouth [M] 27(2)33

Queen Elizabeth II Waterlow Castle High Values 1955-1958 [R] 28(4)89

Shakespeare Stamp [L] 34(4)71

Specialised Machin Catalogue [R] 28(1)19

Harmers Auctions SA, 1d black on 2 May 1840 cover [S] 29(2)25

Harmers of London, Imperf. Technology [N] 21(3)39

Mulready Woodblock [S] 29(4)80

The 'Wills' Collection [M] 28(1)12

The First Days of May 1840 [S] 29(2)23

The Mercantile Papers [M] 26(4)65

Harris, Trevor KEVII -- flaw on the 7d value [N] 34(4)80

The KEVII Threehalfpence [L] 30(4)63

Harris, Trevor I. The KEVII Column [L] 42(5)111

The King Edward VII Column [L] 42(3)65

Hart, A. C. 1864 1d Plate 225 [N] 28(5)100

Early use of 1d blacks [N] 29(3)57

Hart, Dr John L. 4d with wing margin on cover [S] 29(2)40

Delivering to Mr Belton in Belton! [S] 31(1)14

Hands across the Sea [N] 26(3)60

One Shilling Green and Carmine on cover [N] 28(1)16

Harvey, Ian 'Flexography -- Fact and Fiction' Re-visited [L] 41(5)89

Booklet Panes of Two - a Correction [C] 32(2)39

KEVIII Booklet Panes of Two [M] 31(5)91

KGV Photogravure Booklet Pane Advertisements [M] 35(5)95

KGV Photogravure Booklet Panes [S] 35(2)38

KGV Photogravure booklet pane advertisements [N] 36(1)17

KGV Photogravure booklet panes [N] 35(3)59

KGVI 1d booklet cylinder numbers [S] 30(1)19

KGVI and QEII Booklet Panes of Two [M] 30(5)92

Proofs for the Pre-Decimal Machin Booklet Covers [C] 34(2)37

Recent Fake Overprints [L] 37(4)73

Series 3 Booklets [S] 32(4)80

Hawkes, Peter KEVII 1d Plate 58: Harrison's Cut on Row 18 [M] 52(3)56

KEVII 6d variety [N] 27(1)13

Uncatalogued Plate Usages in the Later Printings of the KEVII Sixpence [L] 33(1)1

Hayward, Graham Square Datestamp with Indented Corners [S] 41(4)78

Hazell, Brian 10d Jubilee Issue [M] 41(2)25

The 'Jubilee' Tenpence of Queen Victoria [M] 30(5)96

Herrity, David Plymouth/Norwich Distinctive Maltese Cross Enigma [M] 38(6)101

Herrity, David J. Peebles' Cancelling Practice [M] 37(2)36

Hewlett, M. R. Avoiding high postal rates, etc [M] 30(2)34

Perfin History [N] 22(2)24

Railway Cancellations [N] 22(2)24

Higson, Andrew 1883 2s 6d Early Date: A Comment [S] 49(5)101

The Truro Crown Cancellation: A Comment [S] 49(3)70

Hills, Dr Richard L. Taxation of Paper in Great Britain 1643-1861 [R] 36(4)78

Hoitink, Willem A. B. Numberless '1844' Cancellations [N] 40(3)46

Holliday, Ivan Bath Postal Museum [M] 37(3)58

Hollins, Winston 1864 Penny Plates - Repair to Plate 124 [L] 35(1)1

Alphabet 5 Penny Plates [C] 36(2)25

D27 Numeral Cancellation [S] 37(6)117

Die 1 Plate 40 - KB [L] 47(3)65

Geoffrey Mason [S] 38(3)59

One Penny Plate 129 Die 2 [L] 38(6)108

Penny Red Plate Numbers - the Repair to Plate 193 [M] 36(3)41

Penny Red Plate Numbers: Repair by Retouching on Plate 73, Stamp BC [M] 34(5)90

Possible Re-Use of Line-Engraved Plates [S] 39(2)22

Postally Used Surface Printed Imprimaturs? [S] 40(3)49

Probability & Chance: Repaired Impressions from the Later Penny Plates [L] 33(5)81

The Rainbows: Wax or Wane? [L] 43(4)73

Twopence Plate 8 [L] 35(2)24

Would You Buy a Used Stamp From This Man? [M] 34(1)16

Holman, John More on the Demonetisation of Obsolete Stamps [M] 40(4)77

Holt, Mike 1990 1d Black miniature sheet error [S] 30(1)18

1990 1d black miniature sheet - recess printing omitted [N] 29(1)18

1998 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Imperforate [N] 37(6)117

1998 The Queen's Beasts - Missing Green [N] 37(3)50

KGVI 2/6 miscut booklet [N] 27(5)98

Machin 14p imperf. [N] 27(5)98

Modern QEII Varieties [M] 30(3)59

QEII Varieties [M] 33(3)51

Shakespeare dummy stamps [N] 29(3)59

Spectacular 14p sheet [N] 27(5)98

The 'Dollis Hill' Wilding Experimental Phosphor Trials [L] 45(6)128

Homer-Wooff, Graham King George VI d and 1d Booklet Panes of Four [L] 51(5)100

The 1d and 2d Chalmers Treasury Essays [L] 47(1)9

Hopkinson, Martin 'Fingering the Cash'! [M] 52(6)142

Embossed Stamps Cut to Shape [M] 34(2)34

The Size of a Ream of Paper [M] 41(4)76

The Use of Embossed Postage Stamps to France [M] 52(2)33

The Use of Green Tape on Registered Letters [M] 47(1)1

Horsey, John VR Official Trial Cancel in Red [M] 47(5)112

Huggins, Alan 10d Embossed Cover from the Re-Issue Period [S] 42(5)95

A W. H. Smith & Son Advertising Collar Mystery [M] 47(2)26

An Amazing Discovery [M] 46(4)73

King George VI 'Emergency Stamps' [L] 44(6)121

A Radford Henry (Harry) Dagnall MAKC, FRPSL [M] 50(3)62

Robert Folkard FRICS, HonFRPSL [M] 50(5)105

Huggins, Alan K. British County Catalogue of Postal History, Volume 3, London [R] 21(6)73

British Stamps [R] 24(1)3

Covers from the Re-Issue Period of the Tenpence Embossed [L] 41(5)85

The De La Rue Years 1878-1910, Vol. 1 [R] 23(1)1

The Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons [R] 24(1)3

Editorial [E] 23(6)81

For the Benefit of Trade and Commerce [R] 25(4)74

Great Britain Railway Letter Stamps: A Handbook [R] 25(4)74

Harold W. Fisher, RDP, FRPSL [S] 24(3)33

Introduction & Guide to the TPOs of GB [R] 21(4)45

London Fancy Geometric Postmarks [R] 23(1)2

Notes on Victorian Embossed Postal Stationery [R] 25(4)74

Postage Envelope Series [S] 21(3)36

Postal Stationery News [N] 21(4)56

Postmasters' Circulars and Instructions Relating to Postal Stationery [M] 21(5)63

Private Post, New Series No. 6, 1983 [R] 21(1)5

Private Post, New Series No. 7, 1984 [R] 22(1)16

Railway Sub Offices of GB [R] 21(4)45

Robson Lowe [M] 35(5)90

Ronald A. G. Lee, RDP, FRPSL [M] 28(3)58

Royal Mail: The Post Office since 1840 [R] 24(1)3

SG Collect British Stamps [R] 24(1)3

SG Collect British Stamps, 34th edn, 1984 [R] 22(4)63

SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps [R] 24(1)3

SG Part 1 Catalogue, 86th edn, 1984 [R] 22(1)16

SG Part 1 Catalogue, 87th edn, 1985 [R] 22(4)63

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 1 [R] 24(1)3

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 3 [R] 22(4)64

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 4 [R] 24(1)3

Stamps and Postmarks Illustrating the History of NATO [R] 22(1)16

Stoneham Catalogue of British Stamps, 7th edn [R] 23(1)2

Hughes, Howard Early Use of Penny Black Plate 1b [S] 39(6)114

End of the Maltese Cross Obliterator [M] 42(4)90

Maltese Crosses used in the London Inland Office during 1843 [L] 50(6)135

No Sunday Maltese Crosses in London [M] 47(2)42

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 1, 16th edn, 2011 [R] 51(1)7

Hunt, F. T. Downey Head perf. 14 control [S] 31(4)63