Surnames: K

KGV Study Circle, KGV Varieties [S] 1(10)127

Kaiserman, David 4d Vermilion varieties [S] 50(3)71

Downey Head 1d Die 1a Perf. 14 - The Latest Chapter [M] 52(3)71

Downey Head 1d Die 1a Perf. 14 [M] 50(6)133

Free First Day Cover of the new Edward VIII stamps [M] 55(2)35

KEVII 2d -- Flaw on 'T' of 'POSTAGE' [S] 55(5)107

KGV Block Cypher 2d -- date of issue [N] 34(6)117

KGV Varieties [M] 51(6)138

Ye Jubilee Poftal Karde [N] 34(6)115

Kaltwasser, Walter 100th Anniversary of the 1d Red [S] 41(5)102

Kearsley, Bryan Bradbury's 2s 6d Seahorse Shades [C] 50(3)72

De La Rue's 10s Blues [L] 47(6)124

Diplomatic Bag Labels: More Exciting Discoveries [L] 53(4)73

Discovering 2s 6d Seahorses [L] 46(4)75

Discovering 5s & 10s Seahorses [L] 45(5)106

Discovering 1 Seahorses [L] 44(5)97

Disputed Jersey Postmark [L] 46(1)4

Even More Seahorse Discoveries [M] 44(6)141

The Fascination of Early Diplomatic Bag Labels [L] 49(2)30

KGV Seahorses - Yet More Discoveries [L] 44(2)25

The Many Shades of De La Rue's 2s 6d [L] 47(4)86

More Seahorse Notes [L] 46(1)9

New Revelations about Bradbury's 2s 6d Seahorses [L] 50(2)34

Seahorses Revisited [L] 39(3)52

Shades of Confusion [M] 49(4)86

Those Cambridge Blues [M] 42(4)76

Those Magnificent Diplomatic Bag Labels [L] 49(5)109

Kearton-Gee, Kerry Die 2 Alphabet 3 'O' Flaws [S] 40(5)89

Kegg, Gordon 1911 Downey Head 1d Die 1b with 'Wattses' underprint (N8) [S] 53(6)122

King Edward VII 1d Shades [L] 48(5)105

King George V 1d Shades [L] 49(3)49

King George V Royal Cypher d Shades [L] 52(2)36

Kent, Guy 1857 4d Rose on Thick Glazed Paper, Variety wmk Large Garter Inverted [N] 37(5)98

Kenton, Phil Mail 'by British' to and from Latin America c. 1800-1880 [M] 31(2)32

Kewley, Leslie Double-ring datestamps with star [N] 30(3)58

Kibby, Scott A New Machin Proof? [L] 52(6)121

Seel and (Maybe) Ye Shall Find - A New Archer [M] 50(6)129

Kim, E. Perfecting the 1878 Dies [M] 14(1)17

Kinabrew, J. M. Control Numbers and Plates of the KGV 6d SH Printings 1913-33 [M] 23(1)3

Plates and Controls of the Block Cypher 5d-1s [M] 26(5)82

Plating and Controls of the Block Cypher 4d [S] 27(4)69

Some Further Thoughts on Plating Single Control Stamps [S] 14(4)79

King, Maurice An Enigmatic 17th Century Postmark [M] 11(3)48

King, Richard KEVII 1d Variety on R2/12 [S] 48(4)90

Kirk, A. J. 1d Red Plate Numbers - How were the Letters Entered? [M] 23(4)50

A. I. Matthews [S] 32(1)20

The back of the book [S] 29(1)14

The Bishop Mark [M] 27(5)90

The Channel Islands [S] 25(5)81

Circular Delivery and Oxford College Stamps [S] 26(2)21

Collecting Line Engraved on a Small Budget [S] 2(6)68

Date of issue of embossed stamps [N] 27(5)97

Display 16 September 1989 [S] 28(1)1

Displays at the AGM -- 21 May 1988 [S] 26(4)80

Flesh on the Bare Bones of History [S] 11(6)115

Great Britain Errors and Varieties [S] 27(3)46

A Guide to the Machins [S] 28(4)87

Guided Tour of Newspaper Stamps [M] 27(1)19

Interesting Letter [M] 24(5)66

An Interesting Postmark [M] 29(5)85

An interesting postmark [S] 30(1)20

J. Silkin, FRPSL [S] 29(5)81

KEVIII d Control Numbers [S] 11(1)20

KEVIII Varieties [S] 11(2)24

KEVIII Varieties [S] 12(2)44

KEVIII Varieties [S] 12(6)131

King Edward VII Penny and its Postal Use [M] 26(3)43

Late Fee v Too Late [S] 4(8)111

London Inland and District Postmarks of 1844 [M] 24(4)58

London Postal History and the Royal Navy [S] 27(3)47

More KEVIII [S] 15(1)19

Morocco Agencies - 17 September 1988 [S] 27(1)18

The Newspaper Tax Stamps [L] 6(7)120

Open Meeting on 20 February 1988 [S] 26(4)77

The Partington Receiving House Mark [S] 7(4)46

Penny Lilac - 'Inverted' Control Letter X [S] 30(4)69

Perforations of the KEVIII Booklet Panes [S] 10(2)27

Postal History -- Where will it end? [S] 25(5)81

Postal History of London 1663-1900 [M] 32(2)32

Postmarks of the London Inland Office [S] 5(3)45

The President's Display - King George V [S] 25(2)21

The President's Display [N] 26(2)22

The President's Display [S] 27(3)45

The President's Guest -- 16 April 1988 [S] 26(4)80

The President's Guest [S] 25(4)62

QEII 'Castle' stamps 1955-1970 [S] 28(1)2

QEII -- Before and After Decimalisation [S] 25(4)61

The Reign of Queen Victoria [N] 29(1)13

Review: Dagnall, The Taxes on Knowledge [R] 30(3)54

Stamp PK, Plate 139 [N] 26(4)76

Stampex Meeting on 5 March 1988 [S] 26(4)78

Surface Printed Issues of 1880-1884 [N] 26(2)22

Were 1d Blacks on Sale Before 6 May 1840? [S] 28(4)78

Kirkham, John B. KEVII 1d 'Blood Red' [N] 33(2)40

Klempka, Edward The Dollis Hill Find - An Amplification [S] 52(1)23

Knight, David 1d Machin Bisect [S] 46(4)95

Review: Dagnall, Marking of Textiles for Excise & Customs Duty [R] 34(4)78

Review: SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 11th edn. [R] 34(4)78

Korel, Georges Stamps of GB [S] 2(7)86

Kristensen, F. A. Forgotten Varieties [S] 16(4)74

Kristensen, J. A. Unaccepted Designs for the 1935 Silver Jubilee Issue [M] 18(6)124

Kuiper, L. How Many for How Much [S] 1(3)34