Surnames: N

NPM Press Release, Return of Material to the National Postal Museum [L] 36(3)44

Najjar, Abed H. 1856 One Shilling Green with extra 'o' variety [S] 48(6)137

Plate Numbers 71-225 on cover [M] 48(4)84

The Plate Repairs to the 1858-79 1d Rose-Red [L] 51(2)40

Najjar, Abed Habib Great Britain: The 1858-1879 1d Rose-Red Plate 77 [L] 47(6)131

Newton, Alan Embossed Cut to Shape [S] 33(1)17

Nicholls, D. A. 1855-57 4d Variety [N] 24(5)78

Nicolson, Jim Scottish Experimental Stamp Packs [L] 42(4)80