Surnames: P

Palmer, Bob KGV Royal Cypher Varieties [N] 22(2)25

Palmer, H. W. Transitional Colours of Alphabet III [L] 30(2)24

Papadopoulos, Alexios The Mysterious London EC 'Malin' Experimental Machine Cancel [L] 46(5)97

Parsons, H. G. 1s Green & Carmine on Cover [S] 30(4)74

Parsons, J. W. A Chinese Penny to Pay [S] 26(3)59

Missent Mark [N] 26(3)60

Paul, Wyatt KGV broken pins [N] 28(3)63

Payne, Richard FILACENTO The Hague HOLLAND [M] 22(4)49

Peach, Michael Used Budget Letter Card [S] 43(2)40

Peacock, Nick 1940 Centenary Essays [N] 33(3)50

KGV Royal Cypher 'Currency Paper' [S] 34(2)38

King George V Shades [M] 39(1)13

The Use of Toned Paper on the Royal Cypher Issues 1917 to 1921 [M] 37(2)39

Pearce, C. John 1929 PUC d flaw [N] 37(3)50

Pearce, John The Invalidation or Demonetisation of Postage Stamps [S] 40(3)52

Pearson, Nigel A 1d Die 2lphabet 2, Plate 6 - Imperforate [M] 49(3)71

Phillips, Sir Rowland Hill [S] 29(3)60

Phillips press release, Robert Folkard Collection at Phillips [M] 36(6)112

Phillips, John Embossed Imprints [N] 37(5)97

Surface Printed 1s Plate 6 - Used Imprimaturs [M] 40(5)90

Wattses Underprints [S] 39(6)117

Phillips, John W. Colour Trials of the 1884 2d [S] 29(3)46

QV 3d Jubilee on Orange Paper [S] 38(4)73

The 1872 1s Green Plate 6 [S] 30(2)39

Pickering, I. T. Numbers in Maltese Crosses [S] 34(5)99

Pinwill, Ian Post Office Telegraphs: Earliest Known Dates [L] 49(6)130

The Colour Trials of the Post Office Telegraphs 3d Plate 3 [L] 52(6)130

Post Office, Changes in TPO operations [S] 26(4)75

Powell, Dr John M. New Duplex Numeral Cancellations [S] 34(5)95

Powell, Dr R. W. 1937 Coronation Stamp [S] 23(4)58

1937 Coronation Stamp - Missing Control Letters [S] 33(6)110

1d PUC Variety [N] 24(2)21

Breaking Down a Collection of GB Perfins [L] 27(2)28

Imprint on QV 1d Stars [N] 24(2)21

Inserted Pillars - A New Discovery [M] 24(1)8

KEVII Miscellany [S] 28(1)17

Notes on the 1d Lilac - The Interpane Pillars [M] 21(6)81

QV One Shilling Jubilee [N] 23(4)64

Powell, John 1937 Coronation Stamp [N] 39(4)76

Price, Brian KGV Broken Perforation Pins [M] 28(1)6

KGV Royal Cypher Varieties [N] 22(2)25

KGV broken pins [N] 29(2)40

Royal Cypher d SG N14u variety [N] 29(4)79

Price, N. A. R. Plate 40 Transitional Paper [S] 24(5)79

Pusterla, Terry 'ULTRAMAR' overprint [N] 37(6)117

A Survey of the 480-Crown Mill Sheet Paper Types 1880-1913 [L] 37(5)86

Four cut sides [S] 43(3)55

German Printers' Samples of the KEVII One Penny [S] 47(1)3

KEVII - Additional Observations on the 480 Mill Sheet [S] 23(4)60

KEVII - Plug Flaw - Type E [S] 23(2)28

KEVII - Some Observations on the 480 Crown Mill Sheet [L] 22(2)27

KEVII 1d: A New Look at Pin Flaw 10 on Plate 9 [L] 40(3)56

KEVII Experimental Coils [S] 22(1)4

KEVII One Penny - New Pin Flaw P17 [M] 43(4)89

KEVII One Penny -- New Pin Flaw P14 [M] 41(5)105

KEVII One Penny Pin Flaws [L] 42(2)36

KEVII One Penny Pin Flaws - Addenda [C] 42(4)92

KEVII One Penny Pin Flaws - Additional Data [L] 37(5)101

KEVII One Penny Varieties [M] 39(4)74

KEVII rubber stamp overprints [N] 31(3)54

KEVII d Perforation Gauge 13 x 14 [S] 49(6)142

King Edward VII One Penny Medallion Cracks [M] 22(1)12

QEII Ink Sample Proofs [M] 34(3)53

QEII Ink Sample Proofs -- Update [M] 34(4)79

QV 1887 d Vermilion [S] 43(2)27

Varieties of the 480-Crown Watermark [N] 45(4)95

Wattses Underprints Revisited [L] 42(5)98