Surnames: R

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Coloured Advertisements in British Stamp Booklets [L] 51(3)49

Ford's Blotting Paper in British Stamp Booklets [L] 52(1)1

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Silver Jubilee Booklet Interleaf Numbers [L] 51(1)1

Randall, John A Matched Pair of Turned 1d Pinks [M] 50(1)6

Raspin, Geoffrey Queen Victoria 1 - Variety on Stamp JB [M] 35(2)33

Ray, Ian Impossible Lettering of the Stock Exchange Forgery [L] 27(3)54

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Read, Tim Numberless '1844' Cancellations [N] 40(3)46

Reid, Andrew Late re-issue of the 10d embossed [M] 49(6)137

Reid, Charles Y. 1d red-brown Die II Alphabet II Plate 18 Imperf wmk Large Crown Inv. [N] 29(5)97

Twopence line engraved [S] 29(5)96

Ressler, John Q. Shades of Green [M] 31(3)46

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King Edward VIII d Green 'Pearl Beside Crown' Flaw - A New Analysis [M] 49(4)92

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New Flaw on the 1937 Coronation Stamp [S] 36(4)79

Notes on the 1937 Coronation Stamp [M] 36(2)26

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The 1937 Coronation Stamp Flaws - Were They Deliberate? [M] 37(3)48

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Reversed Letters and other Date Slug Varieties [M] 35(2)22

Robinson, Philip 'Ivory Heads' - with a difference [M] 49(4)88

1857 Mixed Franking [M] 43(2)30

1d Red Plate Flaw [N] 21(4)56

A Distinctive Type of the Maltese Cross [S] 28(3)57

Flaw on 1d red Plate 225 [N] 28(4)81

Possible First Sunday (10 May 1840) Penny Black Entire [C] 47(2)43

Use of an Obliterator to Cancel a Mistake [M] 48(4)87

Robinson, Philip E. A Maltese Cross Variety [S] 37(4)72

Rogers, Mike New QV Jubilee 2d Constant Variety: 'Dot in Value' [S] 40(1)17

Routh, John W. Postage Due Mark - 'CH' [S] 22(1)10

Rowlands, David On Certificates [S] 45(3)55

Rowse, David 1866 6d Plate 7 - The Plate That Never Was [S] 28(3)62

Joshua Bacon [M] 40(6)102

QV Surface Printed Die Proofs 1855-83: Vertical or Horizontal Format? [L] 33(5)88

Rainbow Trials [M] 30(5)89

The Steel Engraving Plates for the 1d Black and 2d Blue [L] 29(1)4

Waste Paper [M] 42(2)35

Rundo, Dr John 'v' Cuts on Coil Stamps [M] 32(4)68

1940 Centenary Essays [N] 33(1)20

Downey Head - extra row of perforations [N] 30(5)95

KGVI 1d booklet cylinder F9 [N] 29(4)76

Russell, Corrections [C] 50(5)107

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1d Booklet Panes of the 1935 Silver Jubilee [M] 52(3)70

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A Photogravure Puzzle [M] 43(2)36

Airmail Etiquettes [M] 39(5)84

Cylinders of the 1935 Silver Jubilee Stamps [M] 45(4)96

KGV - Photogravure 1d Cylinder 116 [M] 35(1)14

KGV Photogravure - A New Perforation Type? [M] 36(1)14

KGV Photogravure - some notes on perf. types [M] 35(3)58

KGV Photogravure -- Sheet-Printed Stamps with Inverted Watermark [M] 34(5)94

KGV Photogravure 1d Printed on the Gummed Side [M] 37(5)90

KGV Photogravure Cylinder Numbering [M] 35(4)69

KGV Photogravure Perforation [S] 38(1)5

KGV Photogravure Sheet Printed Stamps with Inverted Watermark - A PS [C] 37(5)100

KGV Photogravure variety [N] 35(3)57

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Unrecorded Parcel Mark? [S] 43(3)59

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