Surnames: S

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The Stamp Office [L] 24(1)10

The Stamp Office [L] 23(1)6

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A Newspaper and the Infamous Tax [S] 29(3)44

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From Ninepence to Ten Thousand Pounds [M] 23(3)34

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Seddon, G. A. 1d Royal Cypher Variety [N] 24(5)78

Sefi, Michael First Downey Head Die [L] 33(3)41

KGV Photogravure 1d Printed on the Gummed Side [S] 37(6)116

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An Entire from Kingsbridge [M] 30(2)40

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The Blueing of the Penny Red: A new Approach to an Old Problem [L] 49(1)1

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Buyer Beware! [M] 45(5)104

Mulready Advertisements [M] 45(1)14

Mutton Dressed as Lamb! [L] 52(6)126

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A Chinese Penny to Pay [N] 26(1)20

Another Wyon 'City' Medal [M] 27(4)63

Boehm Head of Queen Victoria [M] 21(3)37

Bradbury, Wilkinson Seahorse 2s 6d Value - Major Re-Entry [S] 21(4)43

British Newspaper Sent Abroad [S] 29(3)43

Charles Skipper & East 'Stamp'? [S] 23(5)65

Compound Plate Printing [M] 28(5)97

Die Flaw on the Engraved Stamps of Victoria? [M] 29(4)69

Further Study of the Engraved Machin 1 [M] 24(5)72

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Medal Struck in Honour of a Partner in Perkins Bacon [M] 26(1)8

On the Use of King George IV's Head [S] 25(3)43

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The Courboulds and the Queen's Head [M] 27(4)70

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Waterlow 'Castle' 2s 6d Plate 3B [N] 28(5)101

William James Linton (1812-1917) [M] 23(2)26

William Wyon and the Whiting Embossed Heads [M] 27(3)49

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Sprei, Malcolm KEVII 1d Voucher Pane [N] 22(1)15

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Penny Black Covers [M] 51(2)46

Sent from the Isles of Scilly [M] 51(2)47

Sussex, Vivien 1900 Telegram Prepaid with 93 Postage Stamps [M] 35(2)36

A Problem Express Cover [S] 29(3)59

Early Blue Lines on Registered Mail [S] 34(4)75

Express Delivery Service [S] 29(2)39

Inland Registered Mail [M] 27(5)94

London Parcels Delivery Company [S] 31(4)64

Sutters, The Revd H. J. PUC 1d Variety [N] 33(4)75

QV 1855 4d Variety [N] 33(4)73