Surnames: T

Talbot, Mark A Magdalen College Cover [M] 48(4)88

Mystery Cancellations on Private Telegraph Stamps [M] 51(4)88

The Mirror-Image 1d Lilac [M] 49(6)129

Tanner, Peter KGV broken pins [N] 29(4)78

Royal Cypher 4d varieties [N] 29(4)79

Taylor, Dr C. J. O. Newspaper Tax Stamps [M] 22(1)2

One Penny Die II, Plate 53 [S] 32(4)72

One Penny, Die 2, Plate 53, SF [C] 33(2)40

Taylor, F. W. 'Via Hull - Not London' [M] 32(4)77

1859 Rose-Red Penny Curiously Trimmed [S] 33(6)117

A Distinctive Maltese Cross of Newcastle upon Tyne [M] 43(3)51

Bedlington Penny Post [L] 35(4)74

Did Peebles lose its Numeral Canceller in 1862 or 1864? [M] 37(1)8

Embossed Receipt Stamp [S] 34(3)53

Modernising with Perfins and Typewriters [S] 31(5)85

Newcastle-on-Tyne Circular Datestamps 1845-47 [M] 33(4)78

Penny Star with Reversed Watermark [M] 38(4)71

Plate 225 Perforation Variety [M] 39(1)16

Postage Stamps Used Fiscally [M] 34(5)97

Pre-stamp Railway Letter [M] 33(2)38

Registered Label No. 1 [M] 35(3)55

Registration Labels [M] 36(6)113

Reversed Date Slug [M] 32(5)93

Taylor, Fred A Registered Letter Receipt of 1841 [L] 45(2)33

Caveat Emptor [M] 44(6)138

Cloth-Covered Postmarks 1841-1906 [L] 50(3)65

Taylor, R. Admiralty Officials -- Variation in the Overprint [N] 25(4)80

Postmarks on the KEVII 1d Army Official [M] 26(1)6

QV Officials - Quantities Issued [M] 25(2)24

Taylor, Russell Unusual London District Office Cancellations [S] 47(1)3

The British Library, British Library receives Lundy philatelic archive [S] 30(1)17

Catalogue of the Crawford Library of Philatelic Literature at the BL [R] 29(4)72

Customs and Excise philatelic correspondence to British Library [N] 30(4)78

Langmead Collection to British Library [S] 29(5)97

Thomas, Dr Alfred 1861 1d Plate 51 -- Stamp OJ Repaired [M] 34(3)55

1d Die 2, Plate 51, Repaired Impressions [L] 43(3)66

Brunswick Star Cancellations [L] 45(3)49

Thomas, Nicholas Re-use of Line-Engraved Plates [S] 39(4)77

Thompson, R. Amendments to Volume II, Plates 46-91 [S] 26(4)77

Amendments to Volume III, Plates 92-131 [N] 26(4)76

Thorneloe, Peter KGV Photogravure d flaw [N] 40(3)47

Tibbenham, R. J. Fluorescence - Myths or Theories [M] 36(2)34

Tingey, John 2d Blue Plate 8 - OE Repair [M] 47(2)29

Tonna, G. C. A Die IIlphabet III, C8 colour shades [N] 35(3)60

Toomey, Matthew & Cheryl 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary Envelopes [R] 52(2)48

British Presentation Packs [R] 52(5)120

Treacey, Scott 1d Die 1, Plate 49 [M] 50(3)64

1d red Die I from Plate 165 lettered AE [S] 39(5)100

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 1, 13th edn, 2004 [R] 42(6)131

Tucker, Roger College labels [S] 49(6)140

Turner, David End of the Maltese Cross in Edinburgh [M] 42(5)96

MArch or MAy? [S] 43(1)11

Tyrrell, Robert Ronald Cecil Alcock [S] 29(4)70