Surnames: W

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Walker, Steve Uniform Penny Post - New Discoveries [M] 52(3)72

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Complete Deegam Machin Handbook [R] 31(4)80

Provincial meeting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - 13 April 1991 [S] 29(3)57

The 6d Pre-Decimal Machin Definitive [L] 51(1)15

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Registered Printed Matter [M] 51(6)132

Warren, Daniel C. More on College Covers [M] 39(6)116

Webster, Graeme KGV 1915 10s (De La Rue) 'Cambridge' Blue [L] 41(6)111

KGV Photogravure Sizes [M] 37(5)96

KGV Seahorses - Trial Impressions [L] 41(3)54

KGV Seahorses: Bradbury Wilkinson Paper Trials 1920-21 [L] 37(6)104

The Bradbury, Wilkinson 2s 6d Seahorses [L] 39(4)61

Welch, John 1912 1d 'Blot on O' [N] 25(1)7

1929 PUC halfpenny variety [N] 30(1)18

Budget Letter Card [N] 30(3)58

Christmas Greetings in Morse Code [S] 26(5)81

Postage Due Marks [S] 21(3)35

Wellsted, W. Raife De La Rue Postage Stamp Booklets 1904-1910 [L] 22(5)66

Insurance and Compensation of Foreign Mail 1899-1946 [M] 21(4)52

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KGVI and QEII Booklet Panes of Two [M] 30(5)92

Varieties on Booklet Stamps [M] 26(2)32

West, Vincent An Oxford Undergraduate and his Unpaid Bills [M] 40(5)87

College Stamp Covers - a Statistical Summary [L] 42(4)69

London Hotel Posts in 1912 [M] 45(6)123

More security embossing by Novelli & Co. [N] 43(6)137

Postal Envelope from Jesus College Cambridge [L] 38(2)21

Proposed Postal Envelope from Clare College Cambridge [M] 38(3)48

Security Embossing by Novelli & Co. [M] 42(2)29

Security Embossing by Novelli & Co. Again [S] 50(1)5

The Cambridge Colleges and the Post Office [M] 50(5)114

The College Stamp Covers in the Royal Collection [L] 39(2)36

The Post Office and the Colleges [C] 46(6)137

Weston, Arthur A Telegraph Form Query [M] 48(6)138

The Fascination of Early Diplomatic Bag Labels [L] 49(2)30

Those Magnificent Diplomatic Bag Labels [L] 49(5)109

Wheat, G. J. First Day Cover of the First Surface Printed Stamp [M] 34(2)33

Mysterious 1840 Cover [L] 30(5)85

Surface Printed on Cover [N] 29(1)18

Two Unrealised Rarities [M] 27(3)52

Wheat, Gilbert 1883 Ninepence Green on Cover [S] 39(6)115

More on the Demonetisation of Obsolete Stamps [S] 40(4)79

Scarcity of QV Surface Printed Stamps on Cover [M] 39(2)33

Surface Printed 2s Brown on Cover [L] 38(5)88

The 9d Green on Cover [M] 47(2)25

Wheatley, Richard Early Post Office Express Labels [M] 51(6)142

Registered Printed Matter [S] 52(5)101

White, A. R. Inland registered mail [S] 27(5)97

Whitehead, Eric 'v' cuts on coil stamps [S] 36(5)82

Display Card for the 'Wonderland Postage-Stamp Case' [M] 40(2)40

Penny Lilac Bisects [S] 33(1)9

Whitehead, Eric L. Peebles Cancelling Practice [S] 37(2)37

Whitehead, N. KGV Photogravure d variety [S] 40(4)70

More on the Demonetisation of Obsolete Stamps [N] 40(4)79

Whitworth, Andrew A. Further Notes on Plating the 1977 Silver Jubilee Aerogramme [M] 22(2)32

KGVI Varieties [S] 37(1)12

Plating the 1996 Christmas Aerogramme [M] 34(6)116

Plating the British Pictorial Aerogrammes, 1963 Onwards [M] 24(4)63

Plating the British Pictorial Aerogrammes, 1963 onwards [L] 23(2)19

Plating the Pictorial Aerogrammes [S] 30(4)69

Wicks, Anthony Letter from Jacob Perkins in Paris regarding Plate Hardening Patent [L] 52(5)104

The Myth of James Chalmers' Adhesive Postage Stamp of 1834 [L] 51(5)106

Wicks, Tony A Charles Whiting Wafer? [M] 51(3)65

Wilkinson, Leslie 1911 d Die 1b Variety [N] 24(5)78

1912-22 2d Die 2 Frame Break [N] 24(2)20

1912-22 6d Plates [S] 24(5)71

1918 Bradbury Wilkinson Seahorses with 'Punch' Cancel [S] 24(3)45

1922 Advertisement Trials [S] 27(2)27

Alfred J. Kirk [S] 38(1)19

Arnold John Lowe, FRPSL [N] 33(3)48

Block Cypher 1d variety [N] 30(1)19

British Postal Reforms of 1839-1840 [M] 27(1)18

Charing -- Post Town or Sub-office? [M] 26(5)84

Control Numbers and Plates of the KGV 6d Somerset House Printings [S] 23(4)61

Discovering Seahorses [R] 43(6)138

George V & The GPO - Stamps, Conflict and Creativity [R] 48(3)60

High Value Stamps Punched for Use on Telegraph Forms [L] 41(6)120

Identifying Seahorses [S] 30(5)83

Introduction of the Seahorse Issue [L] 27(1)1

KGV 1d Booklet Stamps - Deepened Die [S] 37(5)93

KGV Notes [S] 29(1)15

KGV Royal Cypher Dates of Issue [M] 28(1)11

KGV Royal Cypher Plating [N] 37(1)12

KGV Seahorses -- Rough Plate Proofs [S] 34(2)36

KGV notes [N] 29(5)97

King George V -- Introduction of the Profile Head Stamps [L] 26(1)9

King George V Colour Trials [N] 33(4)73

King George V Notes [M] 22(1)11

King George V Varieties [M] 32(5)86

Numbered Sheets of the 1924 Wembley Issues [S] 38(1)20

Photogravure - The Official Sizes [M] 38(1)2

Plating Postage Due Controls [S] 39(4)77

Royal Cypher 1d 'THREF' variety [N] 30(2)35

Royal Cypher 5d coil stamp [N] 30(1)19

Royal Cypher Halfpenny plate flaw [N] 31(3)54

Society Meeting -- 14 October 1987 [S] 26(2)21

Stamps in Miniature [M] 33(5)86

The 'Missing' Somerset House Rolls [M] 37(3)51

The End of an Era - Grover & Co. Ltd Close [M] 40(1)18

The Somerset House Continuous Printing Plates for the 1d Roll Stamps [L] 41(4)80

Use of 9d King George V Stamps - 1 [M] 45(1)1

Visit to Bishops Stortford & District Philatelic Society [S] 29(1)13

Willcocks, R. M. 1841 1d Plate 12 -- an Earlier Date [S] 34(6)113

3d Rate and Notices of Objection or 'Good Old Brighton' [M] 31(3)41

Date of issue of embossed stamps [S] 27(4)73

More on Postal Rates [S] 24(3)44

Multiplicity of Plates [N] 23(3)47

Penny Blacks and Mulreadys - Early Dates [M] 30(3)60

Philip d'Arcy [S] 35(2)23

Returned Letter Forms [M] 29(3)48

Stamp Distribution in 1840 [L] 28(4)82

Stamp distribution in 1840 [N] 29(1)18

Williams, Mike 1d Die 2 Alphabet 3 Plate 53 IJ & IK [M] 47(2)44

1d Red Die 2 Plate 39 - A Date Conundrum [L] 45(5)97

1d Red Die 2 Plate 65 [M] 51(6)130

1d Rose-Red Die 2 Plate 58 [M] 46(3)68

Line Engraved 1d Dies I and II: an Unrecorded Difference [S] 29(5)98

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 1, 16th edn, 2011 [R] 51(1)7

Williams, Winston 1s Embossed - Earliest Known Date of Use [M] 31(5)94

Wilson, A. E. KGV Photogravure inverted watermarks [N] 35(3)59

Multipositives for the KGV Photogravure Halfpenny [M] 43(2)43

Wilson, Alan Inverted watermarks of the 'Castle' issues [N] 29(2)38

Wiseman, Tony The Advent of the 1881 1d Lilac [L] 46(3)49

Wiseman, W. A. 1864 Penny Plates [S] 35(5)86

1884 Colour Trials Without Corner Letters [S] 33(3)52

1885 d and 1d IR Official Overprinting [S] 34(6)112

1887 d Plate Numbers [M] 23(2)18

Back to Stamps [L] 32(3)55

Brass Rings [L] 41(6)115

Comments on 1d Plate 77 (1) [S] 48(1)7

Dates of Issue of Certain Army Official Stamps [S] 25(4)76

Downey Head halfpenny die 1b plate scratch [N] 28(3)62

Free Postage? [M] 24(2)26

Inland Revenue Stamping Department 1878-1910 [L] 36(6)114

KEVII penny - no watermark [N] 28(1)17

KGV offsets [N] 28(3)62

Line-Engraved Perforation and Other Matters [M] 43(2)37

Measurement of Shades - 3 [L] 39(2)30

New Plate Combination of the KEVII 5d [L] 35(5)82

Numbers of Certain GB Official Overprints [S] 25(3)51

Official Plate Numbers of d KEVII Plates [M] 22(5)72

Penny Lilac - 'inverted' control letter X [N] 33(4)72

Pin Repairs on the KEVII 1d [M] 42(5)115

Q/R Controls of the 1887 and 1900 d [L] 31(2)21

QV 3d on 3d Lilac of 1883 - Mystery Stamp: Part 1 [M] 44(2)35

QV 3d on 3d Lilac of 1883 - Mystery Stamp: Part 2 [M] 44(3)51

Small Parcel Post Labels of the Post Office Stores Dept., 1883-c.1908 [L] 36(2)21

The 1890 10d and Other Matters [M] 28(4)79

The Consolidated Contract 1880 - Perforation [S] 36(3)54

The De La Rue Family [S] 22(4)60

The KEVII 1d Diagonally Overprinted 'CANCELLED', SG Spec. M6t [L] 40(1)6

Thoughts on the GBPS & GBJ [M] 29(2)28

Witham, 1841 One Penny Plate 64 Stamp CK [S] 38(5)87

Witham, Paul 1844 1d Red-Brown Plate 49, TF [S] 41(1)7

1854 Die 1 1d Perforated [C] 24(2)21

A 1855 1dlphabet 2, Plate 12, JH [S] 42(6)137

A 1d Die 2lphabet 2, Plate 20 [M] 45(1)24

1d red Die I from Plate 165 lettered AE [S] 39(5)100

A Further Correction to Nissen - 1d Black TC Plate 6 [M] 51(4)96

Line-Engraved Notes [M] 43(2)42

Plate 71 Second State Re-Entry [S] 24(3)36

Wlodarczyk, Marius KEVII 1d Control H8 - A Follow-Up [M] 47(2)28

KEVII Notes [M] 46(6)121

Neglected Plate Varieties [L] 33(2)25

Neglected Plate Varieties 1887-1913 [L] 30(1)1

QV Jubilee 2 and 3d Plate Varieties [L] 47(3)49

Wolfson, Harvey Guillotined Machin [N] 35(2)39

KEVII 7d - over-inked? [N] 37(5)98

KEVII d with inverted watermark [N] 35(2)39

KGV Downey Head Halfpenny Die 1b - Flaw on N2c [N] 37(5)99

PUC Varieties [N] 24(2)21

Wood, Dr Keith J. 1861 3d Inverted Watermark [N] 21(4)56

Worsfold, Peter 'SHORTH AND' [M] 45(6)125

A King George VI Proof [M] 32(4)69

Double Heads [L] 43(5)98

Penny Red and Penny Blue Revisited [M] 32(2)36

Postage Due - The 1951 Provisionals [L] 41(3)48

Wraith, Nick Late Use of the KEVII 1d red Board of Trade perfin [M] 50(2)40

Wylde, Graham MA is for March [S] 42(6)138