Volume 34 (1996)

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Volume 34, Number 1

1 Watermark of Line-Engraved Die 1 Stamps by Don Madden (M)
4 King George V Photogravure Varieties by Harvey J. Russell (L)
10 One Penny Die 2 Transitional Shades 1856-57 by Austin Davis (M)
13 Booklet Cover Design - Mow Cop Castle by Dr Jean Alexander (M)
14 1855 6d Lilac - An Unusual Perforation by Karl Louis (M)
16 Would You Buy a Used Stamp From This Man? by Winston Hollins (M)
17 The Essential Guide to the Great Britain Line Engraved 1d and 2d Stars by Graeme Sherman (R)
17 SG Collect British Stamps by Mike Jackson (R)
17 1937 Coronation Stamp by Frank H. Schofield (S)
18 Women in the Post Office by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
18 New Machin Discoveries by Pete Daniels (S)
19 KGV Royal Cypher 'Currency Paper' by Graham Mark (M)

Volume 34, Number 2

21 Alan Huggins, MBE by Alan M. Gilbert (S)
22 The Sideways Duplex Cancellation by Ray Barton (L)
29 The Essential Guide to the Great Britain Line Engraved 1d and 2d Stars by Robert G. Folkard (R)
31 Great Britain, Government Parcels Stamps and their Usage, 1883-1904 by Mike Jackson (R)
31 British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924-1925; Publicity Labels (suppl.) by Harry Dagnall (R)
31 SG Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps by Mike Jackson (R)
32 Ally Sloper Follow-up by Dr Michael Brooks (M)
33 First Day Cover of the First Surface Printed Stamp by G. J. Wheat (M)
34 Embossed Stamps Cut to Shape by Martin Hopkinson (M)
36 KGV Seahorses -- Rough Plate Proofs by Leslie Wilkinson (S)
37 Postal Historian's Lament by Harry Dagnall (S)
37 Proofs for the Pre-Decimal Machin Booklet Covers by Ian Harvey (C)
38 KGV Photogravure variety by Hans van der Mark (S)
38 KGV Royal Cypher 'Currency Paper' by Nick Peacock (S)
39 Charles Dickens labels by Dr Michael Brooks (S)
39 QEII Castles -- overprinting contract by Gerry Bater (S)
40 1d Die 2, Alphabet 3, Plate 53 by Robert G. Folkard (S)
40 Would you buy a used stamp from this man? by Alex Hodson Rutter (S)
40 Printing presses at Perkins, Bacon & Petch -- a Puzzle by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)

Volume 34, Number 3

41 Squared Circle Postmarks of Bolton by Stanley F. Cohen (L)
47 Alan M. Gilbert, FRPSL by Dr Michael Brooks (S)
47 1937 Coronation Stamp by Robin L. Restall (M)
49 QV Surface Printed Die Proofs: 'Old', 'New' and Associated Designs by Bob Galland (L)
53 Embossed Receipt Stamp by F. W. Taylor (S)
53 QEII Ink Sample Proofs by Terry Pusterla (M)
55 1861 1d Plate 51 -- Stamp OJ Repaired by Dr Alfred Thomas (M)
58 King Edward VII -- Flaw on the 7d Value by A. A. Lawrence (S)
58 Case of an Early Blue Line by Austin Davis (M)
60 SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 2 by Mike Jackson (R)
60 Printing presses at Perkins, Bacon & Petch -- a Puzzle by D. R. Beech (S)

Volume 34, Number 4

61 Line-Engraved 2d Plates 1 and 2 -- Production and Delivery by W. de L. M. Messenger (L)
67 1855 1d Reserve Plates R18, R19 & R20 by Don Madden (L)
71 Shakespeare Stamp by Christopher G. Harman (L)
75 Early Blue Lines on Registered Mail by Vivien Sussex (S)
75 Early Blue Lines on Registered Mail by Austin Davis (S)
76 The 'A01' Cancellation by Dr W. M. Melrose (M)
78 Marking of Textiles for Excise & Customs Duty by David Knight (R)
78 SG Concise Catalogue by David Knight (R)
78 Variety Club News, Spring 1996 edn by Mike Jackson (R)
79 QEII Ink Sample Proofs -- Update by Terry Pusterla (M)
80 1937 Coronation Stamp by Frank H. Schofield (S)
80 QEII ink sample proofs by Glenn H. Morgan (S)
80 KEVII -- flaw on the 7d value by Trevor Harris (N)
80 KGV Block Cypher 1d variety by Allan Jones (S)

Volume 34, Number 5

81 The Tunbridge Ware Stamp Box by Derek Deadman (L)
88 Line Engraved 2d Plates 1 & 2, Production and Delivery - a Postscript by W. de L. M. Messenger (S)
89 QV Surface Printed (1855-83): Plate and Current Number Proofs by Bob Galland (M)
90 Penny Red Plate Numbers: Repair by Retouching on Plate 73, Stamp BC by Winston Hollins (M)
91 Dr Thorpe and the Greens by Harry Dagnall (M)
94 KGV Photogravure -- Sheet-Printed Stamps with Inverted Watermark by Harvey J. Russell (M)
95 New Duplex Numeral Cancellations by Dr John M. Powell (S)
96 Sideways Duplex Notes by Ray Barton (M)
97 Postage Stamps Used Fiscally by F. W. Taylor (M)
99 Numbers in Maltese Crosses by I. T. Pickering (S)
100 KGV Photogravure 1d booklet stamp variety by J. S. Gowland (N)
100 Stamp Office dummy stamp by Harry Dagnall (N)
100 KEVII 1d perf. 15 x 14 -- earliest date by Raymond Abela (N)
100 1855 1d Reserve Plates R18, R19 & R20 -- Correction by Mike Jackson (C)

Volume 34, Number 6

101 KGV Royal Cypher d -- Plating Notes by Steve Bainbridge (L)
110 A01 Cancellation by Dr Michael Brooks (M)
112 1885 d and 1d IR Official Overprinting by W. A. Wiseman (S)
113 Late Use of the Die II Plate 53 One Penny by Don Madden (S)
113 1841 1d Plate 12 -- an Earlier Date by R. M. Willcocks (S)
114 Early Express Cover by Stanley F. Cohen (M)
115 Penny Venetian Red Used Fiscally by Alan Sabey (S)
115 Ye Jubilee Poftal Karde by David Kaiserman (N)
116 Plating the 1996 Christmas Aerogramme by Andrew A. Whitworth (M)
117 Numbers in Maltese Crosses by Karl Louis (S)
117 KGV Block Cypher 2d -- date of issue by David Kaiserman (N)

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