Volume 51 (2013)

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Volume 51, Number 1

1 Silver Jubilee Booklet Interleaf Numbers by Paul Ramsay (L)
7 Book Review: SG Specialised Catalogue, Volume 1 (R)
12 1841 1d Plate 9 by Tony Fisher (M)
15 The 6d Pre-Decimal Machin Definitive by Tony Walker (L)
21 Halfpenny Pink Downey Head Cut-Outs (M)
23 Focus on GB: H. Edgar Weston by Colin Baker and Edward Caesley (N)
24 Focus on GB: KGV Somerset House 6d by Mike Jackson (N)

Volume 51, Number 2

25 A Study of 500 Covers with Embossed Postage Stamps 1847-1864 by Peter McCann (L)
33 1d Die 1, Plate 5, Provisional Printing: Stamp GB, State 2, in Black by Kevin Maunder (M)
35 The Cataloguing of 1d Die 1, Plate 5 Repairs by Kevin Maunder (M)
38 'London' Handstamp Reveals 'B.F.Stevens' by Dr John K. Courtis (M)
40 The Plate Repairs to the 1858-79 1d Rose Red by Abed H. Najjar (L)
46 Penny Black Covers by Nigel Sudborough (S)
47 Penny Black Covers -- 1: Sent from the Isles of Scilly by Nigel Sudborough (M)
48 1d Die 1 Plate 77 B-Blank (N)

Volume 51, Number 3

49 Coloured Advertisements in British Stamp Booklets by Alan Musry and Paul Ramsay (L)
54 Hidden Meanings in Lettering by Frank Walton (N)
55 Silver Jubilee Booklet Error of Make-up by Paul Ramsay (S)
56 Specimen and Cancelled Stamps by David Leathart (L)
65 A Charles Whiting Wafer? by Anthony Wicks (M)
68 Oxford College Stamps - in the 1970s! by Fred Gee (M)
70 Nissen Reconstructions of the Penny Black by Mike Jackson (M)

Volume 51, Number 4

73 1d Die 2 Plate 64 - A Lucky Find by Denis Mahon (S)
74 Returned Unaddressed Letters by Bob Galland and Ken Snelson (L)
80 Envelopes and Seals by Nigel Sudborough (L)
84 Specimen and Cancelled Stamps by Ray Simpson (M)
86 Choose 'ME'! by Peter Young (M)
88 Mystery Cancellations on Private Telegraph Stamps by Mark Talbot (M)
90 Book Review: SG '2013 Part 1' Commonwealth & British Empire Stamps 1840-1970, 115th edition (R)
91 The 'Half-Crown' Priority Letter Scheme of WW1 by Graham Mark (L)
96 A Further Correction to Nissen - 1d Black TC Plate 6 by Paul Witham (S)

Volume 51, Number 5

97 Official Penny Pink Letter Sheet? by Michael Lockton (M)
100 King George VI d and 1d Booklet Panes of Four by Graham Homer-Wooff (M)
104 Book Review - The Fitzpatrick-Thomas Letter of 1840 (R)
104 Book Review - SG Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 28th edition (R)
105 Book Review - The British County Catalogue of Postal History Midland Edition (R)
106 The Myth of James Chalmers' Adhesive Postage Stamp of 1834 by Anthony Wicks and Mike Jackson (L)
113 Downey Head d Die 2 'Dots on Dolphin' Flaw by Mike Jackson and Fred Smallbone (M)
116 Early Post Office Express Labels by Austin Davis (L)

Volume 51, Number 6

121 The Inks of the QV Penny Red by David Slattery (L)
126 QV 1d Jubilee Frame Damage by Robert J. Maushammer (S)
127 1935 Silver Jubilee: Varieties of the Sheet-Issued Stamps by Harvey Russell (M)
130 1d Red Die 2 Plate 65 by Mike Williams (M)
132 Registered Printed Matter by Frank Walton (M)
134 The Plating of the Penny - Mulready Group Update of Volume 5 by Kevin Maunder (M)
136 'Post-Haste; Post-Haste; Post-Haste; Delyver These' by Dr John K. Courtis (M)
137 Amendments and Corrections to the Cataloguing of '1d Die 1, Plate 5 Repairs' by Kevin Maunder (C)
138 KGV Varieties by David Kaiserman (M)
138 'King George VI d and 1d Booklet Panes of Four' - Correction (C)
140 Book Review - The 5 Orange (R)
141 Book Review - The King's Obsession: A King and His Stamps (R)
142 Early Post Office Express Labels (S)
143 Index to Volume 51 (E)

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