Volume 54 (2016)

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Volume 54, Number 1

1 A Fresh Look at the Colon Flaw by Robin Restall (L)
6 Die Proofs of De La Rue (1) - Proofs on Buff Card by Peter Young (L)
12 Oxford Union Society Postal Stationery by Vincent West (M)
14 Early Post Office Express Mail by Austin Davis (M)
16 Post Office Express Labels 1927-32 and Later Labels for Related Services by Austin Davis (L)

Volume 54, Number 2

25 'New Pianos for Old Postage Stamps' by Peter Young (L)
33 An Oxford Mulready by Robin Cassell (S)
34 1d Black Cover to Windsor Castle, Redirected to Buckingham Palace by Andrew Claridge (M)
36 Victorian Combination Covers: Work in Progress by Ray Simpson and Karl Louis (L)
45 The London, Chatham and Dover Railway Telegraph Stamps by Stephen Panting and Mark Gibson (M)
48 Wattses Underprint by Terry Pusterla (S)

Volume 54, Number 3

49 The KEVIII Halfpenny Green - Part 1: Identifying the Different States by Robin Restall (L)
57 Oxford Union Society Postal Stationery: The Handstamps by Vincent West (M)
59 Surface Printed with Small White Corner Letters: Defective Letters by Bob Galland and Karl Louis (L)
71 English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-1870 - Update by Russell Taylor (M)

Volume 54, Number 4

73 George V Perforations on Photogravure Definitive Counter Sheets by Ian Harvey (L)
86 A Close Look at Cylinder 4 of the 1937 Coronation Stamp by Robin Restall (L)
93 The 'Bornefeld Block' by Karl Louis and Mike Jackson (M)
95 KGV De La Rue 2s 6d Seahorse - Kiss Print by David Kaiserman (S)
96 Uniform Penny Post - Brighton Re-Rated Letters by John Forbes-Nixon (S)

Volume 54, Number 5

97 The Use of Perforation Gauge 16 in 1857-58 by Ray Simpson (M)
100 1966 Christmas 1s 6d Partially Missing Gold Queen's Heads (M)
103 George V Perforations on Photogravure Definitive Booklets and Rolls by Paul Ramsay (L)
108 Philatelic Permits During the First World War by Graham Mark (L)
115 A Tabulation of Die 1 Black Plate Repairs by Kevin Maunder (L)

Volume 54, Number 6

121 Surface Printed Low Value Striking Book Proofs: An Overview by Bob Galland (L)
128 10d Embossed Used in Re-Issue Period by Bill Barrell and Mike Jackson (M)
130 Serpentine Roulette Fingerprints by David Escott (M)
138 A Tabulation of Die 1 Black Plate Repairs - Amendment by Kevin Maunder (C)
140 Demonetisation of £sd Stamps by Mike Jackson (M)
142 KGV Colour Standard for the Postal Stationery Dies by Iain Stevenson (S)
142 English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-1870 - Correction by Russell Taylor (C)
143 Index to Volume 54 (E)

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