Advertisement trials, 1922 (Wilkinson) [S] 27(2)27

Advertising in sheet margins (Alexander) [S] 31(5)97

Bath Postal Museum (Holliday) [M] 37(3)58

Certificates, provenance & opinion, by Karl Louis (Louis) [S] 43(4)86

Charity, collecting stamps in 1857 (Dagnall) [N] 30(2)31

Christmas card, with Morse code, 1888 (Welch) [S] 26(5)81

Collecting, different approaches, 1860s (Dagnall) [S] 30(5)95

Customs & Excise correspondence (1826-1840s) to British Library (The British Library) [N] 30(4)78

Expert Committee of the RPSL, how it operates (Harman) [L] 38(3)43

Fletcher Collection, description of (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 28(1)8

transferred to BL (Jackson) [S] 27(4)74

Hidden meaning in letterings (on Line-Engraved stamps) (Walton) [S] 51(3)54

Jubilee Christmas card, 1890 (Davies) [L] 45(2)25

Letters, 'ess' and 'eff' (Oakley) [N] 26(5)99

Lincoln, 1890 stamp dealer's advt. (Davis) [M] 26(2)36

Penny Lilac lantern slide (Young) [S] 23(5)69

Poem, amusing (Lowe) [N] 28(1)17

Re-use of stamps, prevention (Dagnall) [S] 35(3)46

Research material (notes on controls, maps) found in RPS vault (Brooks) [S] 30(1)17

Scales, Victorian postal (Davis) [M] 40(1)20

SmartStamps (print your own 'stamps') (Jackson) [M] 42(2)28

Specimen and Cancelled stamps (Simpson) [M] 51(4)84, (Jackson) [C] 51(4)85

QV (Leathart) [L] 51(3)56

Typewriter, early use of (Taylor) [S] 31(5)85, (Jackson) [M] 36(3)58

Weighing machine, GPO, 1856 (Dagnall) [S] 27(4)73

Women, employment of, in the Post Office (Fawcett & Dagnall) [M] 33(6)112, (Messenger) [S] 34(1)18

Wonderland Postage-Stamp Case, display card for (Whitehead) [M] 40(2)40

Writing for the GBJ (Dagnall) [M] 25(1)2