480-Crown, varieties of (Pusterla) [N] 45(4)95

Chalk-surfaced trials, 1905 (Powell) [S] 22(1)13, (Powell) [M] 25(2)38

Changing size, on Penny Black blocks (Dagnall) [M] 39(3)60

Coated, KEVII, identifying (McBride) [M] 50(5)106

Coles, Joseph. Papermaker (Dagnall) [S] 45(3)64

Coloured Paper Scheme, 1884 (Young) [S] 22(1)7

Crown watermark, survey of paper types (Pusterla) [L] 37(3)53, (Pusterla) [L] 37(4)76, (Pusterla) [L] 37(5)86

Currency paper, KGV Royal Cypher (Mark) [M] 34(1)19, (Peacock) [S] 34(2)38

Downey Head paper trials (Jackson) [S] 23(6)87

Government, purchased by (Dagnall) [S] 41(4)77

Interleaving, stamp images on (Robinson) [M] 49(4)88

Joyson, William, label on perforated wrapper (Jackson) [M] 47(5)120

KGV, Experimental 1924 (Moorcroft) [L] 37(6)112

watermarked papers (Jackson) [L] 28(5)106

Paper, background to the subject (Dagnall) [L] 47(2)31

Ream, size of (Hopkinson) [M] 41(4)76, (Dagnall) [M] 41(5)103

Reams, size of (Madden) [M] 42(3)62

Size, Simple Cypher, how wide was the web? (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)59

of issue sheets (Wiseman) [M] 32(3)56

Supercalendered, KEVII (Harris) [M] 42(4)86

Supercalendering, explanation of (Dagnall) [S] 39(3)51

Tinted paper, use abroad (Young) [S] 22(1)6

Toned, the use of on KGV Royal Cypher issues (Peacock) [M] 37(2)39

Trials, Downey Head, plating (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

Watermark, Emblems errors (Louis) [M] 33(4)76

Watermarks, Crown, relative positions on KEVII stamps (Pusterla) [L] 22(2)27, (Pusterla) [S] 23(4)60

Large Crown (Madden) [L] 30(3)42

Large Crown, hybrid (Maushammer) [M] 42(4)84

reversed on 1864 issue (Mollett) [M] 39(1)18

QV line-engraved Die 1 (Madden) [M] 34(1)1

Simple Cypher, types (Bolzan) [L] 25(1)4

marginal, on KEVII (Powell) [M] 22(4)62

misplaced, KGV Royal Cypher 2d (Mark) [N] 24(3)40

Wilding definitives (Bater) [S] 31(5)87