Postal History

'Haste Post Haste' letter, 1601 (Claridge) [S] 43(2)40

'Junk mail' (Dagnall) [N] 44(3)55

'Stitched contrary to regulations' endorsement (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 47(2)30

'WITHIN WEIGHT' handstamp (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 37(5)98

1840 Freight Money letter (Frajola) [M] 43(2)28

1840 letter, 'fingering the cash' (Hopkinson) [M] 52(6)142

1880 1s Plate 13 (SG 151) on cover, destinations (McCann) [M] 52(4)90

1883 9d, used on cover (Wheat) [M] 47(2)25

used on cover, survey (Brauers) [M] 39(5)87, (Wheat) [S] 39(6)115, (Davis) [S] 39(6)115

A01 cancellation used by the Foreign Branch (Melrose) [M] 34(4)76, (Brooks) [M] 34(6)110, (Louis) [N] 35(2)37

Addressing modern envelopes (Jackson) [S] 35(4)61

Adelaide, N.I., 1930 cover to (Walby) [S] 33(1)20

Aerial Post 1911, First UK (based on a display to the GBPS on 19 September 1992) (Edwards) [S] 31(2)29

Airmail, to Jersey in 1936 (Mark) [S] 31(5)90

Allen, Ralph (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)12

American Civil War, service suspended (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 25(5)98

Bankers' mail services (O'Hara) [L] 44(1)4

Bedlington Penny Post (Taylor) [L] 35(4)74

Belton, covers to Mr Belton in, (Hart) [S] 31(1)14

Berlin, 1841 covers to (Jackson) [M] 42(6)134

Biography illustrated by postal history items (Bolzan) [L] 26(3)48

Bishop Mark (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)6

Book review, 'Herewith My Frank . . .', 2nd edn (Jackson) [R] 29(1)11

Admiralty Mediterranean Steam Packets 1830-1857 (Jackson) [R] 40(5)95

British Censorship of Civil Mails during World War I 1914-19. Mark (Moorcroft) [R] 39(1)20

British County Catalogue of Postal History Midlands Edition. Calladine (Jackson) [R] 51(5)105

British County Catalogue of Postal History, Vol. 3, London. Willcocks & Jay (Huggins) [R] 21(6)73

Vol. 4. Willcocks & Jay (Dagnall) [R] 26(3)42

Vol. 5. Willcocks & Jay (Jackson) [R] 28(4)88

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875. Moubray (Gilbert) [R] 31(4)80

British Occupation of Former Italian Colonies, Study Paper 1, cancellations. Tregurtha (Gilbert) [R] 26(4)64

British Postal Guide. Facsimile reprint of 1857 edn. Pub. Postings Publishing (Sherman) [R] 33(1)16

British Postal Reforms of 1839 to 1840, Grimwood-Taylor (Dagnall) [R] 28(4)89

Charge Marks of the 4d Post 1839-1840. Chadwick (Jackson) [R] 28(5)103

Early Days of the Postal Service. Gammons (Alexander) [R] 25(3)51

For the Benefit of Trade and Commerce: A Monograph on the Postal Treatment of Prices Current. Dagnall (Huggins) [R] 25(4)74

For the Port and Carriage of Letters, Robinson (Jackson) [R] 29(1)11

History of the Post in Derby 1635-1941, Wilson (Dagnall) [R] 29(1)9

History of the Ship Letters of the British Isles. Robertson (Sherman) [R] 33(3)49

Inland Posts 1392-1672. A Calendar of Historical Documents. Ed. Stone (Jackson) [R] 25(5)92

Introducing Postal History, Sussex (Dagnall) [R] 29(1)10

Letter Receivers of London 1652 to 1857. Feldman (Dagnall) [R] 37(4)70

Local Posts of the Midland Counties to 1840. Pub. Midland (GB) Postal History Society (Jackson) [R] 31(5)86

Mails Under London. Stanway (Dagnall) [R] 38(5)98

Map of Postroads of England and Wales. Pub. Midland (GB) Postal History Soc. (Jackson) [R] 35(2)37

Post Office Notices 1666-1800. Haslam and Moreton (Jackson) [R] 28(1)18

Postal Usage of the decimal Machin series 1971-1996 (two vols). Nicholson (Sherman) [R] 36(1)20

Posts of Sevenoaks in Kent. Donald (Jones) [R] 30(3)54, (Dagnall) [C] 31(2)28

Royal Household Mail. Morgan (Jackson) [R] 30(3)53

Royal Mail in Leicestershire. Soer (Jackson) [R] 36(3)60

Royal Mail: The Post Office since 1840. Daunton (Huggins) [R] 24(1)3

Sherborne -- A Postal History. Andrews (Gilbert) [R] 26(2)39

The Midland Counties Mileage Marks and Mail Routes to London 1784-1840 (Jackson) [R] 43(6)121

The Postal History of the City of York, Rossall (Jackson) [R] 42(2)34

The Rubber Datestamps of Cumbria, Mapleton (Jackson) [R] 42(2)33

The Use of the 1894 Coded Time System in British Post Offices. Moy (Jackson) [R] 38(1)17

The Use of the 1894 Coded Time System in English Provincial Offices. Moy (Jackson) [R] 30(1)9

Uniform Fourpenny Post in Ireland. Kane (Jackson) [R] 29(2)31

United Kingdom Letter Rates - Inland and Overseas - 1635 to 1900, Tabeart (Mark) [R] 42(2)32

Bristol, a correspondence 1827-33 (Skelly) [L] 27(5)86

Bye Letters (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)6

Channel Islands (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 24(4)51

airmail to Jersey in 1936 (Mark) [S] 31(5)90

display by Phil Kenton, 19 Sept. 1987 (Kirk) [S] 25(5)81

Charge marks, handstamped (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 25(2)25

Charing, postal history of (Wilkinson) [M] 26(5)84

Chichester Road 'Hot Cross Bun' & '1 in Circle' marks 1681-87 (Grimwood-Taylor) [L] 38(4)62

Chronology 1635 to 1840 (SWL90) [S] 28(2)56

Civil War (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)4

Combination cover, 1840 1d black and 1841 1d red (Slemons) [L] 46(5)102

Combination covers (Simpson) [M] 47(2)46, (Simpson) [M] 47(5)114, (Simpson) [C] 48(1)6

imperf. and perf. (Simpson) [L] 46(6)123

Commonwealth, The (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)4

Counterfeit coin, postage paid by (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 46(3)68

Cross Posts (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)9

Cunard Line, comments on rates, 1876 (Hewlett) [M] 30(2)34

Demonetisation of Victorian postage stamps (Young) [L] 40(2)21

Demonetisation of postage stamps (Mark) [S] 40(3)50, (Young) [M] 40(3)50, (Griffiths) [S] 40(3)52, (Pearce) [S] 40(3)52, (Muir) [L] 40(4)76, (Holman) [M] 40(4)77, (Schmitz-Le Hanne) [N] 40(4)78, (Wheat) [S] 40(4)79, (Whitehead) [N] 40(4)79, (Louis) [M] 40(4)80

Detoured mail, Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 (Levett) [M] 27(5)92

Disinfected, 1841 cover, Corfu and Malta (Cafetzoglou) [M] 50(1)19

Display, 19 Sept. 1987, Channel Islands by Phil Kenton (Kirk) [S] 25(5)81

17 Dec. 1988, Postal History by John Levett (Kirk) [S] 27(3)45

17 Mar. 1990, Miscellany by Professor Robert Champion (Gilbert) [M] 28(4)87

15 Sept. 1990, Early postal history by Michael Jackson (Gilbert) [S] 29(1)12

19 Sept. 1991, United Kingdom to Europe by Geoff Oxley (Gilbert) [S] 30(1)7

Franco-British by John Levett (Kirk) [S] 28(1)1

London Post Receivers by Hugh V. Feldman (Feldman) [S] 30(2)29

Registered mail by Vivien Sussex (Gilbert) [S] 27(2)34

Victorian printed envelopes by Ritchie Bodily (Gilbert) [S] 28(1)2

by Michael Lockton (Gilbert) [S] 26(4)79

Distribution, stamp, in 1840 (Willcocks) [L] 28(4)82, (Willcocks) [C] 29(1)18

Dockwra marks (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)7

Duplicate letters (Mark) [L] 52(3)58

Envelope with embossed 'IN A HURRY FOR THE POST' (1889) (Forbes-Nixon) [N] 26(1)20

Express mail (Sussex) [S] 29(2)39

1891-1899 (Davis) [M] 35(1)7

cover with railway stamps (Sussex) [S] 29(3)59

early (Davis) [M] 50(5)97

early cover with red lines (Cohen) [M] 34(6)114

early labels (Davis) [L] 51(5)116, (Wheatley) [M] 51(6)142

first label (Lockton) [M] 29(1)20

list of material returned to NPM (NPM Press Release) [L] 36(3)44

railway (Mark) [S] 29(4)76

unusual franking (Davis) [M] 36(5)84

Express, use of KGV 7d (Melrose) [M] 45(1)13

Fletcher Collection, description of (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 28(1)8

Foreign Branch, A01 cancellation used by (Melrose) [M] 34(4)76, (Brooks) [M] 34(6)110, (Louis) [N] 35(2)37

France, use of embossed stamps to (Hopkinson) [M] 52(2)33

Franco-British, display by John Levett (Kirk) [S] 28(1)1

Franco-Prussian War, 1870-71 (Levett) [M] 27(5)92

display by Stephen Holder (Wilkinson) [S] 26(2)21

Frankings, unusual Victorian (Davis) [M] 36(5)84

Fraudulent use of two stamps (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 49(1)22

Free franking, end of (Jackson) [L] 40(1)1

Gadsby, John, 1840 label (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 50(4)84

Hingham Penny Post mark on 1d black cover (Hopkinson) [M] 52(6)142

Hotel posts, 1912 (West) [M] 45(6)123

Illustrated envelopes, Ally Sloper (Davis) [M] 28(3)76

Boat Race, 1881 (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 50(3)57, (Russell) [C] 50(5)107

Victorian printed, display by Ritchie Bodily (Gilbert) [S] 28(1)2

hand-painted 'puzzle' picture, 1884 (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 48(5)128

Import/export control, Passed by BPA (Buxton) [L] 49(3)59

Insured mail, overseas 1899-1946 (Wellsted) [M] 21(4)52

Isle of Man (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 24(4)51

Jamaica, SG Spec. C12, Plate 51, used abroad, correction to Statham (Batty) [N] 48(1)6, (Batty) [S] 48(3)62

Jubilee 1s green & carmine, used on cover (Davis) [M] 23(1)11, (Davis) [M] 23(3)38, (Young) [N] 23(4)62, (Bendon) [N] 23(4)64, (Davis) [M] 24(3)42, (Davis) [M] 26(2)27, (Davis) [M] 26(5)96, (Hart) [N] 28(1)16, (Parsons) [S] 30(4)74

Jubilee 4d, used on inland mail (Davis) [M] 35(1)16

KGV 7d olive, use of (Johnson) [L] 46(1)14

KGV 9d agate, use of (Johnson) [L] 46(1)14

KGV 9d postage stamps on telegraph forms (Wilkinson) [M] 45(1)1

KGVI Arms high values, unusual usages (Johnson) [L] 50(2)42

KGVI Dulac adhesives, use of (Fryer) [L] 45(3)56

Kingsbridge, letter from (Skelly) [M] 30(2)40

L4, late fee mark (Hanson) [M] 44(2)38

Labels, diplomatic bag (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(2)30, (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(5)109, (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 49(5)113, (Galland) [M] 49(5)114

Late fee mark (Hanson) [M] 44(2)38

Late fee, 'L4' mark, survey (Galland & Lajer) [L] 40(6)116, (Chadwick) [S] 41(1)13, (Galland & Lajer) [M] 41(5)106, (Johnson) [S] 46(3)63, (Galland & Lajer) [M] 46(6)135

4d (Johnson) [M] 41(1)12, (Lockton) [L] 46(3)64

4d, on inland registered mail (Davis) [L] 46(3)59

collection of in the 1840s (Jackson) [L] 46(5)108

paid but incorrectly posted 1899 (Buxton) [L] 52(6)138

paid on redirection 1905 (Buxton) [L] 52(6)138

Late fees (Willcocks) [S] 24(3)44

Latin America, mail to and from (based on a display to the GBPS on 16 January 1993) (Kenton) [M] 31(2)32

London Postal History, display by Grace Dove (Kirk) [S] 27(3)47

London, Postal Districts (Lush) [L] 21(3)26, (Lush) [L] 21(4)46

postal districts (Sabey) [M] 27(2)24

postal history 1663 to 1900 (Kirk) [M] 32(2)32

Machin 25p, genuine, declared fake by Royal Mail Revenue Protection (Jackson) [S] 52(5)99

Machin postal history (Lockton) [L] 39(2)23

Machin, bisected (Batty) [N] 46(2)35, (Jackson) [S] 46(2)35, (Knight) [S] 46(4)95

Mailcoaches, London (Beaver) [L] 41(2)26

May dates, Mulready, 6 May 1840, used with Penny Black (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)28

Quaker method of writing dates (Wheat) [L] 30(5)85

no Sunday dates in London (Hughes) [M] 47(2)42

possible 10 May 1840 entire (McCann) [M] 47(1)22, (Robinson) [C] 47(2)43

pre-6 May usage (Kirk) [S] 28(4)78, (Willcocks) [M] 30(3)60

Mercantile Committee, Whiting essay on cover, 1839 (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 47(6)121

Mercantile Papers, 1838 (Harmers of London) [M] 26(4)65

Merchant Guilds (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)2

Merchant Strangers (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)3

Military, Wellington's Army in Peninsula & France 1809-18 (Boyden) [L] 25(4)69

army censor mark (Lockton) [N] 27(4)74

army censor marks (Daniel) [S] 28(1)16

army, first handstruck stamp (Jackson) [N] 33(5)94

postmarks on KEVII Army Official (Taylor) [M] 26(1)6

Missent Mail, display by Gordon Millson (Wilkinson) [S] 26(2)21

Missent mail, early marks (Millson) [M] 25(4)77

handling methods (Millson) [M] 25(3)42

marks of travelling post offices (Millson) [M] 26(2)35

to Canada (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 38(1)5

to Ryde (Parsons) [N] 26(3)60, (Millson) [N] 26(5)99

types of handstamps (Millson) [S] 25(5)91

Monaco, GB used in (Massier) [M] 30(4)72

Mulreadys, May dates, pre-6 May usage (Willcocks) [M] 30(3)60

Multiple franking, 93 stamps on 1900 Telegram (Sussex) [M] 35(2)36

NPM, list of material returned to (NPM Press Release) [L] 36(3)44

Naval Postal History, display by Peter High (Kirk) [S] 27(3)47

Newspaper Branch, endorsed 'Stitched contrary to regulations' (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 47(2)30

Notices of Objection (Willcocks) [M] 31(3)41

Numeral obliterator, used to cancel foreign postage due, charge or taxe markings (Johnson) [M] 48(5)122

used to cancel handstruck 2 in 1844 (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 48(1)5

Offshore islands (Grimwood-Taylor) [L] 24(4)50

Overseas, forwarded letter from, with 1d black (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 43(3)56

well-travelled cover 1901 (Graham) [M] 27(1)10

Pacific Ocean, Surface Printed stamps used in (Young) [S] 26(2)30

Pacific Steam Navigation Company (Kenton) [S] 31(2)33

Parcel Post, Privy Council licence (Melrose) [S] 45(1)3

red Privy Council labels (Johnson) [L] 44(5)109

small labels of PO Stores Dept (Wiseman) [L] 36(2)21

use of 1d lilac on labels (Young) [M] 48(2)38

Parcel labels, Exported on Drawback (Melrose) [M] 43(4)87

Passed by BPA (Buxton) [L] 49(3)59

Pattern Post (Johnson) [L] 43(1)13

Peebles, unusual cancellation of letters, 1860s (Taylor) [M] 37(1)8, (Herrity) [M] 37(2)36, (Whitehead) [S] 37(2)37

Penny Red, cover with trimmed (Taylor) [S] 33(6)117

seven different plates on same cover (Willcocks) [N] 23(3)47

Perkins Fairman & Co., letter to (Kirk) [M] 24(5)66

Post Magazine, address panel and decorative borders (Cheetham) [L] 52(3)49

Post Office Savings Bank, use of 1d lilac (Young) [M] 48(2)38, (Young) [M] 48(4)82

Post Office, history and practices (reprint of 1884 article) (Jackson) [L] 42(6)117

Postage Due adhesives, last week of, January 2000 (Mark) [M] 39(3)58

Postage Dues, display by Bob Murton (Gilbert) [S] 27(3)46

Postal History (ephemera), display by J. G. S. Scott (Kirk) [S] 25(5)81

Postal history, up to 1750 (based on display given on 1 Mar. 2003) (Ray-Smith) [L] 42(1)1

Postal label, 1840 (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 50(4)84

Postal notice, 19 Sept. 1870, introduction of postcards (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 42(6)130

Postal rates, Victorian (Davis) [L] 39(5)92

Postcard, 1888, boy absent from school (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 45(6)121

Postcodes, world's first? (Lush) [L] 21(3)26

Postmaster, demise of title (Dagnall) [S] 34(2)37

Postmasters' circulars, disposal of (Rowse) [M] 42(2)35

Pre-1840, general account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)23

Pricing in Proportion, introduced in 2006 (Dagnall) [M] 44(1)1

Priority letter scheme of WWI (Mark) [L] 51(4)91

Provincial marks, early (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)8

Railway letter, pre-stamp (Taylor) [M] 33(2)38

Rates, 3d (Moran) [N] 32(2)40

3d rate and Notices of Objection (Willcocks) [M] 31(3)41

3d rate and Penny Pinks (Lockton) [M] 31(4)78

3d rate covers (Jackson) [M] 46(5)110

1841 franking, 6 x 1840 2d (Cafetzoglou) [M] 50(1)19

comments from Cunard book, 1876 (Hewlett) [M] 30(2)34

insufficiently-uprated Mulready (Slemons) [M] 45(5)104

insurance for overseas mail 1899-1946 (Wellsted) [M] 21(4)52

postal (Young) [S] 23(4)62, (Willcocks) [S] 24(3)44

postal, special fees (Davis) [M] 26(2)23

registered to Lugano (Cunliffe) [M] 30(4)80, (Robinson) [S] 30(5)98

to foreign destinations (Moubray) [N] 26(3)60

Real cost of postage (Dagnall) [M] 30(3)52, (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)55

Registered mail, 'Hot Cross Bun' cancellations, 1880-84 (Davis) [M] 36(5)87

4d late fees (Davis) [L] 46(3)59

1841 receipt (Taylor) [L] 45(2)33

1870 alternative, by the hands of a constable (Sherman) [S] 28(3)64

1870 unusual franking (Davis) [M] 36(5)84

at Liverpool Censor Office in WWI (Mark) [L] 50(5)117, (Mark) [M] 52(6)135

display by Vivien Sussex (Gilbert) [S] 27(2)34

duplicate letter scheme, use of KGV 9d stamp (Mark) [M] 45(1)2

duplicate letters (Mark) [L] 52(3)58

early (Sussex) [M] 27(5)94, (White) [S] 27(5)97

green tape used on (Hopkinson) [M] 47(1)1

handstamp, York (Davis) [M] 44(4)85

inland 1841-1854 (Davis) [M] 27(4)62

introduction of blue lines (Davis) [M] 34(3)58, (Sussex) [S] 34(4)75, (Davis) [S] 34(4)75

label numbered 1 (Taylor) [M] 35(3)55

letter with GB and Indian sets of stamps (Jackson) [N] 33(5)94

mystery labels (Cunliffe) [M] 30(4)80, (Robinson) [C] 30(5)98

postcard, 1870 (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 52(1)24

printed matter (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 52(5)101, (Wheatley) [S] 52(5)101, (Brown) [S] 52(5)101, (Brookfield) [M] 52(5)102

printed matter, 1876 cover (Walton) [M] 51(6)132

registration labels (Taylor) [M] 36(6)113

Restoration, The (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)5

Returned letter wrappers (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 43(4)91, (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 43(6)122, (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 44(2)40, (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 44(3)67, (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 44(4)73, (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 44(5)116, (Galland & Armstrong) [L] 45(3)66, (Galland & Armstrong Dick & Snelson Ken) [L] 46(5)113, (Galland & Armstrong Dick & Snelson Ken) [L] 47(3)55, (Galland & Armstrong Dick & Snelson Ken) [L] 47(5)115

Returned letters (Dagnall) [L] 28(3)66, (Muir) [C] 28(4)81, (Dagnall) [L] 28(4)92, (Cunliffe) [S] 28(5)104, (Dagnall) [S] 28(5)105, (Willcocks) [M] 29(3)48, (Dagnall) [S] 29(3)50

Returned unaddressed letters (Galland & Snelson) [L] 51(4)74

Route, via Hull, 1849 (Taylor) [M] 32(4)77

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (Kenton) [S] 31(2)33

Royalty, 1866 letter to Lady Victoria (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 33(2)37

Scilly, Isles of, 1d black used from (Sudborough & Jackson) [M] 51(2)47

Scotland Postal History, display by G. F. Oxley (Kirk) [S] 26(4)80

Seals, stamps used as (Sudborough) [L] 51(4)80

Ship, HMS Atalanta, loss of (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 44(6)139

lost (Johnson) [M] 45(1)8

submarined (Johnson) [M] 45(1)8

SmartStamps (print your own 'stamps') (Jackson) [M] 42(2)28

Sorting trials, 1936 & 1957 (SWL90) [S] 28(2)49

Surface printed 2s brown, used on cover (Galland & Wheat) [L] 38(5)88

Surface printed on cover, survey (Brauers) [M] 38(6)115, (Wheat) [M] 39(2)33

Surface printed stamps on cover (Wheat) [M] 27(3)52

Telegram, 1900, prepaid with 93 stamps (Sussex) [M] 35(2)36

Threatening letter, 1862 (Jackson) [M] 39(6)110

in 1768 London Gazette (Jackson) [M] 39(6)110

To pay, Colonial 1d marks (Moubray) [N] 26(3)59

letter to China 1865 (Smith) [N] 26(1)20

letter to Hong Kong 1861 (Snarvold) [S] 26(3)59

letter to Montreal 1856 (Parsons) [S] 26(3)59

letter to Turks Islands (Parsons) [S] 26(3)59

Tuck, Henry, envelope (Sudborough) [L] 51(4)80

Unaddressed mail (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 46(1)1, (Galland) [M] 46(2)32, (Evans) [M] 46(2)34, (Galland) [M] 47(3)61

Uncancelled stamp, 1846 (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 45(1)5

Uniform Penny Post, update to the book Uniform Penny Post (Walker) [M] 52(3)72

Used abroad, 1d stars (Batty) [L] 49(4)73, (Batty) [L] 50(2)25

Jamaica, SG Spec. C12, Plate 51, correction to Statham (Batty) [N] 48(1)6, (Batty) [S] 48(3)62

Validity of overprinted GB stamps (Fletcher) [L] 41(1)8

Way Letters (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)6

Wellington, Duke of, 1847 postcard (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 36(5)81, (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 43(3)49