Postal Stationery

'POSTAGE FREE' on OHMS envelopes (Wiseman) [M] 24(2)26, (Dagnall) [N] 24(4)63

1890 Jubilee envelope, caricature (Jackson) [S] 42(6)117

genesis of (Davies) [L] 50(1)11

1890 Jubilee postcard, amusing notice (Kaiserman) [N] 34(6)115

Advertising rings (Davis) [M] 26(2)36

Smith, Elder & Co. overprinted 'Henry S. King & Co.' (Lockton) [L] 40(6)104

W. H. Smith & Son, mystery (Huggins) [M] 47(2)26

new discovery (Lockton) [M] 44(2)30

Anti-Graham envelope (Smith) [N] 23(2)26

Book Review, Collect British Postal Stationery. Huggins & Baker (Stevenson) [R] 46(2)45

Book review, Evolution of British Stamped Postcards and Letter Cards -- Their History and Documentation. Dagnall (Lockton) [R] 23(6)92

GB Postal Stationery, Price List of Registered Envelopes and Newswrappers. Whitworth (Jackson) [R] 37(2)40

History of Envelopes. Benjamin (Dagnall) [R] 35(5)94

Notes on Victorian Embossed Postal Stationery. Dagnall (Huggins) [R] 25(4)74

Postal Stationery of Great Britain. Brightmore (Lockton) [R] 23(6)92

Wrappers, Postal Stationery. Dagnall (Jackson) [R] 31(5)86

Book review: 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary Envelopes. Huggins & Klempka (Toomey) [R] 52(2)48

Book review: Great Britain: The GB Foreign Rate Postcards 1875-1899, O'Keeffe (Dagnall) [R] 43(2)34

British Empire 3d card (Davis) [M] 24(5)67

Cachet, coat-of-arms, 1902 (Grimwood-Taylor) [S] 22(4)61

Caricature, 1841 'Palmer's Tun . . .' (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 49(5)113

Cut-outs (Lockton) [L] 50(5)108, (Brown) [M] 50(6)128

De La Rue, embossed dummy stamp (Young) [M] 30(4)76, (Dagnall) [M] 31(3)52

Display, Victorian printed envelopes by Ritchie Bodily (Gilbert) [S] 28(1)2

Downey Head, d pink cut-outs (Smallbone & Melrose) [M] 51(1)21

printed stamp and postmark (Jackson) [N] 26(3)60

Embossed adhesives cut to shape, possible reason why (Newton) [S] 33(1)17

Emergency stamps, use of KGVI stationery design (Huggins) [L] 44(6)121

Envelope, Postage, design No. 1 (Huggins) [S] 21(3)36

indecent words on (1841) (Dagnall) [N] 21(1)12

QV STO with 1d + 1s (Huggins) [N] 21(4)56

altered (1987) (Dagnall) [N] 25(5)87

privately made by Raines and Porter (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 36(6)102

Envelopes, 1841 (Dagnall) [N] 26(3)60

Furniss, Harry, caricature of 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee envelope (Jackson) [S] 42(6)117

Houses of Parliament, 2d envelope (Durham Collection) [N] 31(5)92

4d wrapper (Huggins) [M] 46(4)73

Illustrated envelope, Ocean Penny Post (Hart) [N] 26(3)60

Illustrated envelopes, Victorian printed, display by Ritchie Bodily (Gilbert) [S] 28(1)2

Invitation, art school, inspired by Victorian stationery (Dagnall) [N] 35(2)38

Letter card, Budget (Lockton) [M] 30(2)37, (Alexander) [M] 30(3)56, (Welch) [N] 30(3)58, (Daniel) [N] 30(4)79, (Murton) [S] 32(5)90, (Davis) [S] 32(5)91, (Lawrence) [N] 33(4)74, (Bishop) [N] 37(5)99, (Peach) [S] 43(2)40

County (Alexander) [M] 30(3)56

Private (Lawrence) [N] 33(4)74

Save Time (Davis) [S] 32(5)91

early, 1890 (Alexander) [S] 21(4)53

private (Lockton) [M] 30(2)37

Letter sheets, I. R. Taylor (Evans) [S] 36(5)90, (Jessop) [S] 36(6)110, (Louis) [N] 37(5)97

Penny Pink (Lockton) [L] 38(2)33

Penny Pink, official? (Lockton) [M] 51(5)97, (Baker) [S] 52(1)21, (Baker) [S] 52(2)35

relating to Corn Returns (Dagnall) [M] 35(2)30

Lost die, 1943 (Dagnall) [N] 21(5)62

May dates, pre-6 May usage (Kirk) [S] 28(4)78

Mulready caricature, new discovery (Jackson) [M] 41(3)60

Mulready, (2d) with numbers in Maltese Cross cancellations (Compton) [M] 31(5)88, (Louis) [S] 32(1)20, (Compton) [A] 32(2)40

6 May 1840, used with Penny Black (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)28

May dates, pre-6 May usage (Kirk) [S] 28(4)78

used on 1 May 1840 (Harmers of London) [S] 29(2)23

William Clowes, printer of (Bolzan) [M] 27(3)42

advertisements on 1d envelope (Compton) [M] 33(5)92

advertisements on 2d letter sheet (Compton) [M] 33(5)92

advertisements, revision in SG Specialised (Slemons) [M] 45(1)14

three new ones (Bird) [M] 37(2)28

early reference to (Sanders) [N] 28(5)100

influence of Gideon Fairman, 19th C. engraver (Smith) [M] 25(2)35

insufficiently-uprated (Slemons) [M] 45(5)104

to overseas destinations, list of known examples (Compton) [L] 36(2)28

used with Penny Black, 2 May 1840 (Harmers Auctions SA) [S] 29(2)25

woodblock at auction (Harmers of London) [S] 29(4)80

Newspaper wrappers, changes in format, 1889 & 1906 (Dagnall) [S] 23(2)32

private 'Post-haste' wrapper (Courtis) [M] 51(6)136

story of one sent by B. F. Stevens (Courtis) [M] 51(2)38

Ocean Penny Post envelope (Hart) [N] 26(3)60

Parcel labels, Tutill's, 1893 (Dagnall) [M] 32(5)92

Penny Pink, and the 3d rate (Lockton) [M] 31(4)78

cut-outs (Lockton) [L] 50(5)108

date of issue (Lockton) [M] 26(5)93

first day cover (10 Feb. 1841) (Claridge) [M] 47(5)97

letter sheets (Lockton) [L] 38(2)33

letter sheets, official? (Lockton) [M] 51(5)97, (Baker) [S] 52(1)21, (Baker) [S] 52(2)35

turned, matched pair (Jackson & Randall) [M] 50(1)6

Postal notice, 19 Sept. 1870, introduction of postcards (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 42(6)130

Postcard, 1870, introduction of (Dagnall) [S] 43(1)11

registered (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 52(1)24

used before official first day (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 29(1)15

QEII stamp design (Dagnall) [M] 32(4)73

QV British Empire design (Dagnall) [S] 32(4)73

bought before day of use 1 Oct. 1870 (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 42(6)130

essay for certifying stamp (Dagnall) [M] 29(1)16

pictorial 1910-1931, suggestions for (Dagnall) [L] 33(2)31

postal stationery, on an advertisement (Dagnall) [N] 23(3)47

stamped-to-order, 1881 (Barstow) [S] 43(3)59

used a day early on 30 Sept. 1870 (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 42(6)130

with bisected Penny Lilac (Young) [M] 29(2)26

without coat of arms (Evans) [S] 36(1)17, (Dagnall) [S] 36(2)36, (Baker) [S] 36(2)36

Postmasters' Circulars, 1840-1855 (Huggins) [M] 21(5)63

Production problems, KGV (Dagnall) [M] 25(1)16, (Dagnall) [L] 25(2)31, (Dagnall) [L] 25(3)54

Registered Money Letters, 1886-94 (Davis) [M] 36(5)85

Registered envelopes, with brass rings (Wiseman) [L] 41(6)115

Specimen, horseshoe (Leathart) [M] 50(1)22

Spoilt sheets, disposal of (Madden) [N] 42(5)108

Vaccination certificates (Lockton) [M] 32(5)96, (Dagnall) [M] 33(1)9, (Murton) [S] 33(1)11

Welsh language, vaccination cert., 1872 (Lockton) [M] 32(5)96

Wrapper, QV halfpenny stamp, shape of (Dagnall) [N] 32(4)73

Wrappers, display (Dagnall) [M] 35(1)19