GBPS Awards


There are five Awards which are presented at the Annual General Meeting, given to mark significant achievements in the field of GB philately, or contributions to the Society. The candidates are discussed at the last GBPS Council meeting before the AGM every year, and the awards for best article and best display voted on. The other awards are given at the discretion of the President, in consultation with the GBPS Past Presidents or Vice-Presidents.

  1. The Presidentís Prize for research was presented by Harold Fisher in 1976.
  2. The Literature Field Award for a book or major work was presented by Messrs Woods of Perth (Printers) Ltd in 1987.
  3. The GB Journal Cup for the best article in previous year's volume of the GB Journal was presented to the Society by Alan Gilbert in 1994.
  4. The Alf Kirk Rosebowl for best display was introduced in 2001.
  5. The Harry Dagnall Thank You Award to acknowledge a significant contribution to the Society was presented to the GBPS by Harry in 1992.

Criteria for Awards

Presidentís Prize

Awarded at the discretion of the President and the Past Presidents to an author who has done most to further the research and advancement of British Philately.

The award is NOT restricted to GBPS members.

Literature Field Award

Awarded at the discretion of President and the Vice-President(s) (unless they are potential recipients) for what they consider to be the most significant published work by a Society member in the field of GB Philately or Postal History.

Any book, article or series of articles, whether published by the Society or not, shall be eligible provided that the date of publication is within the two calendar years prior to the date of the award.

GB Journal Cup

For the best article in the volume of the GB Journal for the previous calendar year,

Alf Kirk Rosebowl

For the best display given to the Society in the 12 months prior to the pre-AGM Council meeting.

Harry Dagnall "Thank You" Award

Awarded by the President to acknowledge a significant contribution to the Society.