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 Post subject: Kangaroo Court of CISS
PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:00 pm 

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The CISS - founded in 1950 to study the stamps, postal history and subsequently- other matters; only had postal history and subsequently GB stamps 'used in' to study, until 1969.

A number of their members susequently joined our Society when it was formed.

When the Islands were granted postal independence, stamps were produced - mainly to sell at a huge profit nto gullible collectors.

Members of the CISS and dealers were involved in various scams associated with both the production and recording of events - and also the peculation of historical material which followed.

Where-as GB has an official archive where information, from official sources is availabl, the Postal Boards of the Islands are private Copmpanies - fully owned by the Postal Boards. Unfortunately this situation enables much to be hidden that was done improperly.

In Jersey the whole postal board had to resign and at least one of the founder members of the CISS was involved.

I have publicised my view of what happened and critised CISS members for failing to take a 'proper, interest in stamps - other than GB stamps used in.

Their members did not take kindly to the criticism, but no one stated that what I stated was not true, nor did they state that it was considered detrimental to the CISS.

Recently their website administrator resigned and in the immediate past a new one was appointed - they have failed to state who he is.

I left the CISS because of what I considered to be their failings. But when their web site re-opened I registered in accordance with their stated proceedure and tried to post a message.
Although I was officially welcomed, the next day a public message appeared stating that I was banned from that site 'for brining the Society into disrepute'

This is a false and malicious lie and they refuse to give details (thus are adjudged to be a kangaroo court.

The whole matter is only raised here because it is becoming apparent they have influence in our Society which is preventing much interesting GB material ans work from being introduced.

The population is British and hold British passports. The first printers were Harrison. The agents were the crooks of the Crown Agents.

Should this matter be taken further? Is our Society being run by disgruntled members of another society, just because it was founded first?

A storm in a teacup? Or something rotten.

The Post Office is bankrupt and is directly involved in this matter. The Crown Agents were investigated by Parliament, many of whose departments were smacked on the wrist and subsequently the (Labour) Govt. of the day stated that they had every confidence in the Agency - then privatised It!

I involved the Duke of Normandy in my enquiries and although she did not intervene directly she did pass an indirect message to the Islands -m which had little effect in Guernsey but some effect in Jersey.

The Crown Agents requisition books are in the British Library and are now available. They show that the records for the Channel Islands are incomplete in many respects. That these records include very little other material - running proofs from printings and half a dozen booklets. Not what you would expect.

Harrison are bust and de la Rue state there was little material in their archives. Other printers are also now broke and the british printers work is in the hands of de la Rue.
Thus printing is carried out all over the world, including Australia

These British stamps are extremely in teresting yet the Society that was founded to study them fails to do so. This Society also fails in that respect, although our presidet (present) is a Booklet man and the first booklets of Guernsey were possibly the worst thing Harrison ever did. Our immediate past president also states that the islands and their stamps are British.

Should I be prevented from publicising this story and studies of those stamps to save the skins of those who joined in with the wrongful practises carried out in the sixties and probably are still continuing.

Messages on the back of a CI stamp would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

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