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Embossing on QV SP Stamps
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Author:  Andy Donaldson [ Sat Jul 03, 2021 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Embossing on QV SP Stamps

Hi All,

As part of the SG SP catalogue updates we are looking at including a small section in the appendix (following the under/overprints) on embossing applied to stamps presumably as another form of security.

Currently we are only aware of those from the firm "Novelli & Co." and even these only from a handful of examples on different denominations/plates.

If anybody has or knows of ANY examples of embossing on SP stamps (Novelli or otherwise) could they please let me know:

    Stamp Issue
    Plate number (if applicable)
    If images are available (or could be provided at some point)

A few more have been recorded on LE issues so the same applies if you have any information on any of these as well.



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