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Query on King George V 1d coil leader.
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Author:  earsathome [ Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Query on King George V 1d coil leader.

Can anyone help us track down this coil leader?

The scans show two O coil leaders, the first showing the price as £2 0 1 and the second as £2 with the figures 0 and 1 deleted with 3 bars.

S.G. 4 Kings Vol 2 14th edition shows a listing for the 0 coil on page 119 with the price shown as £2.0.0.

We cannot find any listing of an 0 leader with the 0.1 deleted, or in fact with the price of £2.0.1.

We have the GBPS publication by Leslie Wilkinson “King George V Stamps Issued In Rolls” which states on page 11 that an 0 roll had been introduced with 480 stamps delivered left side but the price is shown as £2.0.2. But we cannot track down a coil with a price of £2.0.1.

Page 37 of the latter publication has an illustration of a PUC roll with the price amended by overprinting with three black bars which is similar to the amendment on the 0 roll.

Any help would be appreciated.
Ron and Eunice.

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Author:  earsathome [ Thu Jul 01, 2021 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Query on King George V 1d coil leader.

Hello again All,

I had some bookmarked pages from a website which did not show the O coil I was looking for.
However, this morning I checked on Google for "GB Stamp Rolls" which gave me the home page of that fantastic resource and for anyone who may be interested this answered my question.
The listings were shown as

O1 1920 Simple Buff £2.0.2 12
O2 1921 “ Red/White £2.0.2 12
O3 1924 Block Red/White £2.0.2 csw
O4 1924 “ Red/White £2.0.1 csw
O5 1927 “ Red/White £2 ☰ csw
O6 1929 PUC Red/White £2 ☰ csw
O7 1930* Block Red/White £2 csw
O8 1935 PG Red/White £2 csw

So - Question answered.

For anyone interested in coils/leaders this website is so brilliant.

Congratulations on a marvelous resource.


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