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2/6 brown
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Author:  Bob Maushammer [ Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  2/6 brown

I was reviewing Gerry Bator's articles in the GSM March and April 97 on the KG6 2/6 brown and noticed that the Gibbons specialised catalogue says that the two gashed crown varieties Q29b and Q29c come from row 2/7 and row 5/5, respectively. However, Bator says Q29b comes from (Pane 1) row 5/5 and what became Q29c is from (Pane 2) row 2/7. In other words, the positions on the pane of these two in one source is the opposite of what the other source says. Was there a correction by Bator or anyone else of his information? Or did Gibbons make a simple mistake that has remained uncommented on for many years?

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