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Shifted Transfer and double impressions
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Author:  Robinr [ Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Shifted Transfer and double impressions


Dear All,

There is a thread on double impression running on the KVIII postings that reminded me of something I had stored away that I just found:

"The process of making the transfer of the negative onto the cylinder is a very delicate and accurate one, and it is generally accomplished without accident ,and,consequently, very few examples are known of stamps showing signs of the transfer having shifted during the process. The chief examples are those of the 1937 Coronation 1 1/2d stamp, cylinder 7 stop, control A37, and the 1941 2 1/2d, ultramarine, cylinder 127 no stop, control M43."

This is part of a short article on the subject by R.F. Strange entitled "K.G. Shifted Transfer" that appeared in GBJ, vol.1, No.9, p 113 (1958).

I promptly went to my cylinder blocks of the cylinder 7 stop and found the attached. My question is, what is the correct expression to describe or name this condition? Is this shifted transfer? Is it cylinder bounce, or double image? Or is this the condition Strange described?

Any technical information that would help me get it right will be well received, with thanks.

Robin R.

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