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The puzzle of the two twos
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Author:  Robinr [ Wed Dec 16, 2020 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  The puzzle of the two twos

Cylinder 10 of the 1937 Coronation stamp is as rare and difficult as Cylinder 4, with the Ray Flaw Corrected being just as rare. In fact, I think that panes might even be more difficult. Hidden away on this cylinder is a show-quality flaw on stamp R10/3 of the no stop pane that has the foot of the large figure 2 truncated.

SG4K lists a flaw on stamp R16/5 of the no stop pane that is described as Short foot in 2. This flaw is listed in Birch as Cut-away foot. Mr Doupe named it Fish-tailed 2.

I actually have 11 used singles with flawed 2 and believe it or not, no two are alike (forgive the pun). I have a block with a flawed 2 that I believe is from cyl.10.

Currently, I'm trying to complete an analysis of cyl.10, and then conclude an analysis of cyl.2. Being able to publish definitive images of the two flaws, and perhaps show all the others (probably ephemeral?). What I am hoping is that some member(s) might have a pane, or part pane from the upper left quarter of cyl.10 ns, and a pane or a part pane from the upper right quarter of cyl.2 ns. All I need is a scan.

Any help or lead would be greatly appreciated. Robin Restall

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