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3D Wilding Tudor Crown
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Author:  Calumfred [ Fri Dec 11, 2020 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  3D Wilding Tudor Crown

I'm a new member No. 1686 and collect anything Wlidings 0r Castles.

In a recent purchase from ebay I came across some interesting Tudor wmk Wildings.
They did not feel right and strangely were either in Hawid mounts or small stamp packets. They consisted of a block of 9, a Marginal block o 6, block of 4, block of 2, and 2 used examples.

I used a digital calliper and found they are 0.12/0.13 mm thick. When I checked all the usual issues on all papers they gave a thickness of 0.07/0.08 mm.

Does anyone have any copies of this stamp or information on this variety to verify my findings.

I have been aware of this stamp, but have only seen it advertised by 'Tony Bellow' ,from whom I obtained much material, and only then on three occasions:

List 234 BPA certified priced @ £75.00
List 266 Stock No. 29042 priced @ £90.00
Wilding Defs 18th edition stock No 25289 priced @ £75.00

I'm surprised that SG did not justify giving this stamp its own designation eg S67b, unlike Woodstock D.6a. Is this due to it's scarcity? Also unlike all other pricing of errors in SG, the footnote to S67 has not changed and has remained priced at £75.00 for the last 22 years.

On final note, SG and Woodstock say that S71d, experimental wmk, was printed on a thicker/heavier paper than normal, when I checked the examples in my collection I cannot find any difference in paper thickness.

I look forward for any information that other members may give me.



Author:  Calumfred [ Sun Aug 15, 2021 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3D Wilding Tudor Crown

Further to my original query I found I also have a cylinder block.

Without any more info coming forward, I sent the block of 9 for expertizing
by RPSL who have confirmed they are the issue on very thick paper.

I am still not happy that this stamp is recognised for it's rarity by SG.



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