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Charity stamp issues
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Author:  Wilding Mad [ Wed Dec 16, 2020 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  Charity stamp issues

I can only remember two sets of charity stamps ever being issued by the Royal Mail and that was prior to it becoming a PLC.

Since then due to it's more commercial outlook (making profits for it's shareholders), the word charity has lost its meaning or so it would seem.

There are several countries that over the years have issued stamps on a regular basis that benefits charitable organisations such as Belgium - Caritas, Switzerland - Pro Juventute & Pro Patria, New Zealand - Health to name but a few.

Why then can't the British postal service do the same to aid local charitable organisations that are in need (especially today), instead of issuing the commercial rubbish being churned out these days based on themes such as Gruffalos, pop groups, comics and sci-fi films etc.

The government have participated in introducing the lottery in order to raise funds to aid charities, but the Royal Mail is no longer owned by the government since being launched on the stock market in 2013.
At that time the company was in a more generous mood as 10% of the shares were given to the employees at the IPO.

Do the major shareholders of RM currently have to go to food banks or register as being unemployed, and are they on the verge of losing their homes due to the sudden loss of income, I presume that is not the case.

As the saying goes " charity begins at home "

See what you can do RM to rectify the situation, PLEASE !

Author:  Wilding Mad [ Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Charity stamp issues

Another article that I have posted recently in the QE II section forum concerns the length of time that the Machins have been on issue for beginning with the name of "MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL"
Please read :
Giving your thoughts on the matter, thank you. WM.

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