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A printing error - what's it worth ?
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Author:  Wilding Mad [ Thu Mar 04, 2021 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  A printing error - what's it worth ?

Just how do you evaluate a printing flaw/error that can't be found in a specialised stamp catalogue, as usually the ones that are listed are from a positional part of the sheet with the error being constantly reproduced on a regular basis.

An example of this type of printing error is portrayed below concerning the 1957 Parliamentary Conference stamp...........

Due to the fact that this type of error is found only once per sheet, in this instance on positional row 12/5 being one out of 240 per sheet this gives a basic idea of scarcity and possible value that one can expect to pay or charge based on the normal ones.

The problem is that some printing errors are not listed in catalogues and consequently an assessment is more difficult to ascertain as to the value or scarcity of the error in question.

The "doctor blade" flaw is one particular type of printing error that is not listed due to the fact they are a non-constant flaw that sometimes occurs when a fault develops on the blade that removes surplus ink from the printing cylinder with many of these being found mainly on the sheet margins as a straight coloured line, usually of a vertical nature in the same colour as the stamp is printed from, but there are instances when this flaw affects some of the stamps printed unintentionally that creates a variety to the normal printed version, which should have been noticed and removed by the quality control section prior to being dispatched to post offices.

Here is a good example of a doctor blade flaw that affected the vertical row of these 1/3d definitives

The fact that these stamps have been created because of a non-constant printing error and not being listed makes them more difficult to ascertain as to their scarcity or value.

Ironically the constant errors that are listed are usually quite minuscule when compared to this particular type of flaw !

How are such "doctor blade" stamps valued ? WM.

Author:  Winston W [ Fri Mar 05, 2021 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A printing error - what's it worth ?


SG Specialised specifically mentions that doctor blade flaws are omitted.

The hint in the paragraph where that is mentioned is that it that the omitted varieties can vary from the minor to quite spectacular.

So I suggest you apply that to doctor blade flaws. Add the supply/demand factor (which I don't know for those sort of varieties), and you have your answer to how long is a piece of string.

For the one you show, I suspect not very long - or not very much!

Author:  Wilding Mad [ Fri Mar 05, 2021 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A printing error - what's it worth ?

It would appear that from your answer Winston
(which I don't know for those sort of varieties)
and stating the length of a piece of string as an example is all rather vague.
Many thanks for your words of wisdom though. WM.

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