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 Post subject: Imprint varieties on Great Britain QEII 2/- booklets.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:20 am 

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Hello all,

Checking through my Machin booklets, I looked at SG to see what the NP 36a (For You at You) was catalogued at.
Having found that, I noticed other varieties on the imprint lines on the bottom of the back pages and this is what I found in relation to items I have.

NP 36a The well known FOR YOU AT YOU 55 instead of FOR YOU AT AGE 55 Catalogued £50

NP 38a HARRISOU & SONS instead of HARRISON Catalogue £25

NP 34b LOODON instead of LONDON Catalogued a massive £150 (Or is this in itself a misprint?)

These listings are taken from SG QEII Pre-decimal Vol 3 13th Edition.

Are these prices for real?

Even the NP 36a seems well overpriced let alone the NP 34b.
These imprint variations were not listed in the earlier catalogue I have which is the eighth edition.

In the illustration of NP 34b attached the second O of LOODON is broken in the centre.
Would that still be classed as O?

There are many varieties on actual stamps catalogued at less than what would appear to be fly-specks,
or am I just off the planet?


 Post subject: Re: Imprint varieties on Great Britain QEII 2/- booklets.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 6:48 pm 

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Firstly, as a message to all members, every time a new edition of a Specialised Catalogue is proposed by SG, a team of GBPS members provides philatelic input which is usually much greater than individuals can do. So, as regards the recent Specialised Vol 1, Part 1, that was lead by Howard Hughes with all the major players that we know covering the various sections of that catalogue - Howard is leading the Part 2 for surface printed issues and any other not in Part 1, hopefully to be published later next year.

For the last two editions of Vols 2 and 3, I have been the lead for the GBPS team. My attituded as regards content has been to include any aspect that is marketed by the philatelic trade and collected generally thus gradually expanding the content of these catalogues. So, obviously, I was responsible for ensuring the listing of the imprint misprints and making sure that they are inclusive.

These are very popular amongst booklet collectors - it will be noticed that the "FOR YOU TO YOU" error was on six editions and collectors collect all six as a set. So, any one may be easily found but creating a set is much more difficult. As regards "LOODON", this gave rise to a discussion as one book in 60 has the full O for N but there are three other similar partial variety misprints of LONDON. So, the listing is for a full transposition of letter. The other versions are considered to be of much less value as less complete, albeit of the same scarcity.

Whilst GBPS members provide philatelic input including drafting and proof reading, all the prices are SG with input from other traders in the particular material. No doubt, this reflects stocks at the time of preparation. It is not for us to comment - we vote by either buying or not buying. However, I have commented on occasion if I know that a list price is widely out - usually to a member of the trade to pass on to SG - and particularly if a decimal point is in the wrong place!

Regards, Ian

 Post subject: Re: Imprint varieties on Great Britain QEII 2/- booklets.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:10 pm 

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G’day Ian,

Many thanks for your very interesting response.

I had not realised that the GBPS had that much input to the S.G. catalogues, but it is certainly sensible.

I did not know that the FOR YOU AT YOU error was on six editions and checking my other copies, I find I have the September 1968, November 1968 and July 1969
editions, so I have half a set!

As for the LOODON item, I had wondered about that copy of mine that is obviously one of the partial varieties. So thanks for sorting that out for me.

From what I can gather these imprint varieties are not widely listed, at least on the web sites, philatelic magazines and various chat groups that I belong to. As a matter of interest these that I have were just picked up in my more than five decades of collecting rather than a specific search for them.

I have printed out your response which I will keep with the collection for reference and so far as the catalogue prices are concerned, I will just have to keep scratching my head(grin)

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