New Honorary Life Members 2020

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New Honorary Life Members 2020

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Under Rule 4(ix), a member of the GBPS may be elected as an Honorary Life Member. Traditionally, such election has occurred for members giving exceptional and long service to the Society. At the beginning of 2020, there were only two, Bill Bird and Alan Huggins, the last election having been made in 2011.

Following an initiative by Alan Huggins with the current President, John Davies, Council endorsed the proposal that Ian Harvey, Michael Lockton and Michael Sefi be elected
Honorary Life Members. All, being Past Presidents, will be known to many members as they have been involved in many Society activities and duties for at least 30 years each and continue to be stalwarts of the Society. The proposals are an appreciation of their service to the Society.

At the "virtual AGM" (held with proxy votes due to the Coronavirus situation) all three were elected as Honorary Life Members.
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Ian Harvey
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Michael Lockton
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Michael Sefi
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