GBPS Meetings - Social Distancing Rules

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GBPS Meetings - Social Distancing Rules

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There will be some social distancing rules in place for our meetings for the foreseeable future. These will no doubt change over time but in essence what they are currently is as outlined below.

While in the RPSL Building

We must abide by the rules set out by the RPSL. You will be briefed on arrival but the rules will include:
  • Try to maintain social distancing (the 2-metre rule) as much as possible while in the building, especially when in the lounge for coffee & biscuits.
  • The lift will be reserved for those members that really need to use it with a one-at-a-time restriction in place.
  • When using the stairs there will be a one-way system in place; we will go up the main staircase and down the back staircase (you will be shown how to access this on the day).
  • Coffee and biscuits will still be served to members but drinks will be in disposable cups.
  • Lunch bookings for the pub will be taken as normal (when members gather in the lounge prior to the meeting start) but a member of Council will write the lunch order list to keep the handling of the lunch booking sheet to a minimum.
While in the Meeting Room

RPSL will put us into the largest meeting room available. However, the GBPS are responsible for our members while in the meeting room and it is for the society to set and police our own rules while in the meeting.
  • The room seating will be laid out to maximise social distancing during the presentation.
  • The need for the wearing of masks by members will be determined on the day dependant on the attendance levels.
  • It is likely the speaker will not be required to wear a mask, so that their presentation will actually be intelligible to the members present who will, by necessity, be sat further from the speaker than would normally be the case.
  • Viewing the display material will be managed rather more formally than is usual, again to aid the maintenance of social distancing levels.
  • There will be a “no-touching” policy for the display, so please do NOT pick up display sheets for a closer look.
While in the Candlemaker Pub at Lunch

The Candlemaker (where we have had group lunches several times before) will be open on the Saturday for lunch. We obviously won’t be at a single large table due to the social distancing rules still in place but will have to split ourselves into small groups for lunch. We will still take lunch orders in the morning and provide these to the pub ahead of our arrival to cut down on waiting time.

The basic rules while in the pub are as follows:
  • Groups of up to six will be allowed inside.
  • Every customer must check in with NHS test and trace, or provide contact details.
  • People will still need to order, eat and drink while seated.
  • When not seated - for example being shown to a table, or going to the toilet - customers must wear face coverings.
  • Social distancing of one metre plus will remain.
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