Registration Required for Autumn Stampex 2021 (and GBPS Meeting)

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Registration Required for Autumn Stampex 2021 (and GBPS Meeting)

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Autumn Stampex Tickets

This year Autumn Stampex will be a ticketed event. All but the first day will be FREE ... but you are still required to pre-book a ticket. The ticket options are as follows:
  • Opening Day Pass -- £10 which gives access on the first day and provides automatic registration for all subsequent days.
  • Free Day Pass -- Unless you have bought an opening day pass you will need to book a FREE ticket for each day you intend to attend Thursday through Saturday.
Anybody coming to the GBPS meeting at Stampex on the Saturday will therefore need to have registered for a free Saturday pass or have purchased an Opening Day Pass. This is a Stampex requirement, not a GBPS requirement.

Please go to the Stampex ticketing page at

for more details and to book your ticket(s).
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