GBPS Competitions Day - A New Approach

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GBPS Competitions Day - A New Approach

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It's the time of year to start thinking about our annual competitions. Competitions Day is usually very well attended, and an enjoyable meeting for all with a wide range of material on display.

After the success of last season’s virtual Competitions Day, we have decided to maintain a virtual element to the day. It's hoped that a blended format will open up the competitions to as many members as possible while still encouraging physical participation on the day itself. Hopefully most entries can be submitted in advance to allow fuller participation for members who cannot attend. It is also accepted that some members will not be able to do this, and the usual physical participation on the day will still be the heartbeat of the meeting.

The new format is as follows:
  • Entries are to be submitted as scans 3 weeks in advance. They will be judged and then put on the members' section of the website just before Competitions’ Day. This will allow members a window to view entries before the meeting takes place.
  • It is expected that entries will be brought along on the day for viewing, unless there are geographic or other reasons that make this impracticable.
  • Late entries will be accepted and judged on the day with the proviso that 3 scanned pages are provided in advance for the judges' critique(*), and that where possible scans of all pages will follow for the website.
  • A critique presentation containing 3 pages from each display will be prepared in advance, delivered live in the room and simultaneously broadcast online via Zoom.
  • After the critique, there will be a brief Q+A session for those online and members present can view the physical displays.
In view of the above changes, overseas entries are now welcomed in the main competitions, and if popular this will be repeated each year.

We hope this new approach encourages a large number of entries and look forward to seeing you on the day

(*) If a member does not have scanning facilities, they are requested to notify the competitions organiser and, if possible, supply three photocopies or photographs of pages in advance.
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