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Howard Hughes - London 2022 Grand Prix National Winner

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2022 6:49 pm
by admin
The winner of the Grand Prix National at London 2022 (for an outstanding exhibit of Great Britain) was former GBPS President Howard Hughes with his exhibit of The Maltese Cross.

Most of the items in the exhibit were included in Howard's President's Display to the GBPS in 2017, which can be seen in the Displays section of the website.

The other two candidates for the award were also members of the GBPS -- Simon Beresford-Wylie for Great Britain: Development and Usage of the World’s First Postage Stamps (1840-1841) and Robert Galland for The First Low Value Surface Printed Postage Stamps of Great Britain.

Congratulations to all these gentlemen!
Howard Hughes - Grand Prix National.jpg
Howard Hughes presented with the trophy by Chris Harman, London 2022 Jury President