Members' Introductions

Notices of events and other matters that may be of interest to members, including requests for help on research projects.
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Members' Introductions

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This thread is for GBPS members to introduce themselves to each other (if they wish). Let us know who you are and what you collect, and other members who share your interests can get in touch -- either by replying here or using the board's "email a member" facility.
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Re: Members' Introductions

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I guess it's only fair that I kick things off myself ...

I'm Maurice Buxton, at the time of posting the GBPS website manager and postal history consultant. (I try to use this account when I'm posting strictly as me, and the "admin" account for site administration matters, although I must admit it doesn't always work out that way.)

I'm a long time collector of mostly GB postal history. As for what I collect ... er, far too many things for good sense, frankly. I have a tendency to start little sidelines that turn out to be very broad topics that turn into whole collections.

A rough list (all GB unless otherwise stated):

Registered mail (the first topic I specialised in, and the one with the highest concentration of "better stuff").

The Card Post (postcards and lettercards, mix of postal history, postal stationery and social philately).

KGVI on cover (rates and usages)

Torquay postal history (I lived there for many years, although have been in London since 2008)

Decimalisation and the Post Office (anything to do with this)

Postal Strikes (covers, stamps, and ephemera)

Philatelic Mail (worldwide, "mail that exists because people collect stamps")

National Airmail Stationery (worldwide stationery in national colours)

"The People's War" (thematic collection on the Home Front in Britain in WW2, originally my mother's)

Tourist cachets

20th century mixed frankings

QEII regionals on cover

QEII commemoratives on cover

KGVI stamped to order postal stationery

Express mail

Recorded delivery mail

History of Parliament and elections (supposed to be a thematic, although mostly covers and ephemera in practice)

... yeah, did I mention far too many things for good sense?
Maurice Buxton
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