Theo Jones Salver (Open Philately)

This was presented in memory of Theo Jones (who died in 1996), for an entry on any philatelic subject, which can contain material not eligible for inclusion in the other Competitions.

The kind of entries accepted became somewhat ill-defined over the years, hence the wide range of subjects covered by winning entries, but it was agreed that from 2023 it would be treated under the ABPS "Open Class" rules, in line with the spirit of the original bequest.


  1. This Competition is intended to give opportunities to show interesting entries relating to Great Britain which stimulate the committed and the new collector. It is designed to allow the inclusion of material that is beyond the scope of the other Competitions.
  2. Entries may be of any philatelic subject and will include up to 50% of non-philatelic material and ephemera, such as documents, advertisements, postcards, labels, photographs and items illustrating related social history, including three-dimensional items such as coins or medals.
  3. This Competition is open to all members of the Society, whether or not they have won it previously.
  4. Each entry shall consist of the equivalent of sixteen sheets.
  5. Judges shall mark the entry in line with the current ABPS marking structure as per the table below.
Category Sub-category Marks
Title and Plan 10 10
Treatment and Importance 20 20
Knowledge and Research Philatelic Knowledge and Research 20 35
Non-Philatelic Knowledge and Research 15
Condition and Rarity Condition 10 30
Rarity 20
Presentation 5 5


Entries that are available in the displays section are linked

Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
1999 Ken Brown Not recorded
2000 Richard Payne Freemasonry
2001 Michael Brooks Novelty Postcards
2002 Tony Walker Royal Navy
2003 John Bohn It began with Mulready
2004 E. J. Weeks A Wounded Soldier's Journey Home
2005 Max Melrose The 1919 Railway Strike
2006 Tony Walker The Fleet Post Office Ships WW1
2007 Fred Taylor Post Office C.O.D. Service
2008 John Bohn Postal Art
2009 Tony Walker The Battle of the Falkland Islands 1914
2010 Chris Harman Embossed Adhesive Stamps Overprinted Large 'Inland Revenue' 1860 to 1874
2011 John Tingey The Englishman who Posted Himself
2012 Glenn Morgan The Development of British Postage Printed On Site
2013 Tony Walker Wings and Squadrons of the Royal Naval Air Service in World War 1
2014 Max Melrose Parcel Post Private Labels
2015 John Davies A Jubilee Reminiscence: The Conversazione and Exhibition at the Guildhall
2016 Glenn Morgan An Olympic Effort
2017 Stephen Teuma London Stamp Exhibitions 1890‑1960
2018 Maurice Buxton The Post Office Savings Bank
2019 John Davies The 1890 London Philatelic Exhibition
2020 No entries
2021 Mike Mood The Basic Letter Rate to Europe 1986‑2010
2022 Maurice Buxton The Pools and the Post
2023 Physical:
Jack Zhang
Sir Rowland Hill's Postal Reform to 1840
Glenn Morgan
Santa Mail Services of Britain and the Channel Islands
2024 Physical:
Stephen Teuma
The Uniform Penny Post Exhibition at South Kensington 1890
Chris Jarvis
Mulready Caricatures