GBPS Books by subject area

From time to time, the GBPS publishes important reference works on aspects of GB philately. These can be obtained directly from us or via the usual retail channels for philatelic literature. The current list is given below (click on a link for more details of each work). GBPS members are entitled to a discount of 10% for one copy of any of these publications. See the orders page for details of methods of payment and postage and packing costs.

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Queen Victoria

Title and Author(s) Price
'Rainbow Trials', David Rowse 75 67.50
Joshua Bacon 1790-1863, David Rowse 25 22.50
The Plating of the Penny 1840-1864, Brown and Fisher
The Line-Engraved Halfpenny, W. de L. M. Messenger 15 13.50
GB Surface Printed Postage Stamps 18551883, Galland and Louis 60 54
The Penny Lilac, Part 2, R. A. G. Lee 15 13.50

Four Kings

Title and Author(s) Price
King George V Printing Plates: Stamping Department: Movement of Printing Plates for King George V Stamps 19111934, Douglas N. Muir 60 54
King George V Stamps Issued in Rolls, Leslie Wilkinson 10 9
Discovering Seahorses, Bryan Kearsley
King Edward VIII, A. J. Kirk 5 4.50
Great Britain KGVI Low Value Definitive Stamps, Peter Worsfold 10 9

Queen Elizabeth II

Title and Author(s) Price
The Dollis Hill Find: Great Britain: Mechanisation of the Mail and Phosphor Trials on Wilding Portrait Stamps, Edward Klempka 20 18

Postmarks and Postal History

Title and Author(s) Price
Uniform Penny Post: Handstruck Paid Postage Stamps of England and Wales 1840-1853, Steve Walker 15 13.50
English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-70, Richard Arundel, revised by Russell Taylor 35 31.50
Brunswick Star Cancels, Richard Arundel, revised by Russell Taylor & Howard Hughes 15 13.50
Ocean Penny Postage, David Duncan Turner 70 63


Title and Author(s) Price
British Stamp Booklets, Alexander & Newbery, Parts 1-9 (each)
Complete set (9 parts)

Postal Stationery

Title and Author(s) Price
Collect British Postal Stationery, Huggins and Baker
The Mulready Postal Stationery, Alan Huggins and Alan Holyoake 40 36

Special Categories

Title and Author(s) Price
Specimen Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain, Samuel and Huggins 40 36
The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain, Langmead and Huggins 50 45
The Post Office and the Colleges, Vincent West 20 18
Cumulative Index to the British Philatelist, Stone 3 2.70

The GB Journal

Title and Author(s) Price
Back numbers (subject to availability) (each) 4 3.60
Cumulative Index to Vols 110 3 2.70
Cumulative Index to Vols 1120 3 2.70
Cumulative Index to Vols 2136 4 3.60
Combined offer of first two indexes 5 4.50
Combined offer of all three indexes 8 7.20