... why collectors of Great Britain stamps and covers should join the GBPS

  1. You will be a member of the foremost Society for the collection of the stamps and postal history of Great Britain
  2. Eight meetings a year; including five all-day sessions, often held in London with dealers present
  3. Provincial meetings as well as those held in London
  4. Free copies of our high-quality GB Journal six times a year, which presents new research findings
  5. Complementary Newsletter six times a year with a wide range of articles, reports, comments, correspondence and queries from members
  6. Excellent GBPS publications, available at special rates to members
  7. An extensive library of GB-related material
  8. Exchange packet service based on GB stamps and covers
  9. Access to a free information service provided by specialist consultants covering the full range of GB philately
  10. Full access to the GBPS Discussion Boards and other members-only parts of the website


The majority of meetings are held in London, but in addition there are periodic conferences and society meetings held in other locations in the UK and at every Stampex. Locations, dates and times are to be found in the annual programme issued to every member, with any changes reported in the Newsletter.

At several of our meetings dealer members of the Society will be present with a selection of their stock.

Other activities

Exchange packets are circulated regularly, giving members the opportunity to view a range of GB philatelic material in their own homes, and allowing members to directly sell to, and buy from, other members.

There are GBPS consultants with expertise covering all relevant areas who can easily be contacted when advice is needed.

Society competitions are held each January. There are several trophies, awarded for different levels and subjects (details can be found here). Every year a cup is presented for the best article in The GB Journal.

It should be noted that the GBPS does not purchase or sell philatelic items, i.e. stamps, postal history, etc. However, as previously mentioned there is a packet system for members operating in the UK only.

In addition, the Society will not provide valuations of philatelic properties.

Come and meet us first

Non-members are most welcome to come to a meeting or two if they are interested in joining. For details please contact the GBPS Membership Secretary.


Our membership is international and so it is vitally important to have an effective means of keeping all who belong to the Society up to date, wherever in the world they may live. The main way of doing this is through our Newsletter, which covers news, views, members' queries, letters, articles and details of meetings. Collector members may advertise in it free of charge.

The GB Journal carries authoritative articles on all matters concerning GB philately with an emphasis on research and new discoveries. It has become an important publication and complete sets of issues are now avidly sought.

History and objectives

The GBPS was founded in 1955 by a small but enthusiastic group of collectors. Since then it has grown steadily to over 700 members both in this country and abroad.

The Society's primary aim is to promote, encourage and contribute to the advancement of the philately of Great Britain. The GBPS now covers all aspects of GB philately: stamps, postal history, postal stationery, booklets, college stamps, revenues, telegraphs, and philatelic conservation.

The GBPS has contributed much to the field of GB philately. This is certain to continue as new members with fresh ideas join.

Now that you know the benefits of membership why not fill in the membership form and join the Great Britain Philatelic Society?