Links to documents that can be downloaded (page counts and approximate file sizes are given), and which provide information of use to GB collectors – some provided by our members, some classic or historical texts from other sources such as Google Books. In addition, the publications of certain former GB-related societies are archived here by agreement. Most files are redistributable on a non-commercial basis (those downloadable by GBPS members only are marked , although the listings and indexes are generally freely available).

This section is for downloads of historical and philatelic works – many additional documents are available for download in the Sources section, which contains the texts of primary source material.

Suggestions for additional downloads are very welcome – please email with the details.

Commercial Magazines

Archives of back issues of commercial publications, used with permission.

British Philatelist Published by Chas. Nissen & Co. from 1908 to 1954 in 44 volumes, this covered a very wide range of different aspects of British philately. Link
Philatelic Review Published by Candlish McCleery Ltd. from 1977 to 1982 in 21 issues, this covered British philately with an emphasis on the reign of King George V. Link
Philatelic Bulletin
An official monthly publication of the Royal Mail aimed at stamp collectors, supplying detailed information about forthcoming British stamp issues, together with a range of articles about earlier issues from philatelists. Link

Society Journals

Archiove of back issues of journals of GB-related societies, used with permission.

GBCC Chronicle The journal of the (US) Great Britain Collectors Club from 1979 to 2019. Link
Cross Post The journal of the Friends of the National Postal Museum from 1985 to 2017. Link
LPHG Notebook The journal of the London Postal History Group from 1971 to 2009. Link

Other Society Collections

Publications of GB-related societies.

LPHG Publications Books and original papers produced by the London Postal History Group. Link

Philatelic Studies

Works specifically from a philatelic rather than a historical point of view.

Postage Stamps Works (general or specific) on British postage stamps. Link
Postal Markings Works (general or specific) on British postmarks. Link
Postal History General postal history subjects other than pure postmark studies. Link
Stanton Booklet Cards The notes of the pioneer collector of GB booklets. Link
Miscellaneous Other GB "back of the book" or Cinderella topics. Link

Historical Works

A selection of historical works with a postal connection.

General Historical Works Historical works with a postal connection, including several classic early histories. Also includes biographies and contemporary reports on the Post Office. Link
General Directories Published volumes giving postal information, mileages of main roads etc (very helpful for working out pre-1840 mileage-based rates). Link
Maps Maps of Great Britain and Ireland showing mileages in the pre-1840 period. Link
Penny Postage Documents (from both official and private sources) relating to the great Penny Postage reforms of 1840 and their aftermath. Link
Postal Museum
Selected documents originally produced by the Museum and Archives under their various names, reproduced with permission. Link