King George V Stamps Issued in Rolls

Leslie Wilkinson

This is a comprehensive study of the subject and begins with a description of the background and trials leading to the introduction of rolls by the Post Office in 1911. The work continues with chapters on the Downey Head, Profile Head (both Royal Cypher and Block Cypher watermarks), Photogravure 1924 and 1925 British Empire Exhibition, the 1929 Postal Union Congress, and dummy rolls for testing machines. Changes made to the wrappers of rolls are described throughout, and a complete listing of known types is incorporated in the text. All of the main types and many of the variations are illustrated.

Appendices give a list of plates manufactured for the continuous printing of rolls; weekly sales of British Empire Exhibition stamps in rolls; and details of rolls issued as given in Post Office reports.

Price £10 (GBPS members £9). Soft cover, 47 pages, size 17 x 24cm. ISBN 0-907630-12-X.