This section gives an introduction to the rates to and from H.M. Forces from c.1930 onwards, mostly as taken from the leaflets available from the Post Office, the Post Office Schemes, and the Post Office Circular. Although some work has been done on Forces rates up to 1900, it appears that little has been done on subsequent rates, so this is something of a first cut. It is hoped to expand this over time with further detail and earlier rates – details will appear on the site updates page.

The rates to and from members of the Forces were not necessarily the same in the period covered – although after decimalisation they tended to be. The surface rates between the UK and the Forces were generally equivalent to the inland rates – second class after 1968 – and the airmail rates to Europe to the inland first class rate.

Notes on the sources used have been given, but some assumptions have been made – these are described where appropriate.

Such material as has been found suggests that airmail rates from FPOs varied considerably, so a full listing may prove difficult!

Assistance is welcomed – indeed strongly solicited – from any collectors who can make additional rate information available or offer advice. Please with details.